XV International Wine Days in Jasło

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We cordially invite you to the jubilee, 15th International Wine Days in Jasło. After last year's extraordinary break, we will meet again on the last weekend of summer holidays (August 28-29) at the Market Square in Jasło. The great celebration of Polish wine will bring together winemakers from all over the country and producers from abroad, as well as wine lovers and enthusiasts as well as amateurs of delicious food.

XV International Wine Days in Jasło


After two years of hiatus, we all missed the wine meetings a lot. Every year, the International Wine Days in Jasło attract many enthusiasts of enotourism to meet winemakers from all over the country. Each subsequent edition of the event is more fun and guilty. We sincerely hope that the jubilee, 15th MDW, although carried over from last year, will be at least as successful as all the previous ones.

Podkarpacie and Jasło are important points on the map of "new" Polish winemaking. The last weekend of this year's holidays will be full of attractions in Jasło. Winemaking and enotourism are part of the city's image strategy. The Jasło Winemakers Association Vinum pro Cultura cares about spreading good wine culture. The wine-making of the region is evident at every turn: the Jasło Wine Trail, the municipal vineyard, the roundabout planted with grapevines, the "welcoming" shapes resembling wine bottles - these are just some of the eno-elements of the local everyday life. We can offer tourists not only wine, but also vineyard tours, tastings, training and delicious regional products. This year, enotourists will receive an additional invitation and a practical navigation tool - a special wine e-guide to the region, prepared by the Jasło Winemakers Association as part of the public task in the field of tourism and sightseeing, co-financed by the budget of the City of Jasło, as well as in cooperation with EnoPortal - em.

Wines with passion

The International Wine Days in Jasło is a one-of-a-kind event. Every year, several dozen wine exhibitors from all over Poland and abroad come to Podkarpacie. On the Jasło market square you can meet winemakers, enthusiasts and connoisseurs of Polish wine; tasting several hundred wines, including labels awarded in the prestigious Polish Wine Competition , organized for eight years in cooperation with the Association of Polish Sommeliers. Regional wines taste best with local dishes, and there will be plenty of good food at the Jasło's Market Square.

Tasting Workshops


The event also includes thematic Tasting Workshops . This year it will be: "Poland vs. rest of the world ”- blind tasting of Polish and foreign wines, known for years and arousing a lot of emotions - led by Andrzej Strzelczyk; "The older the better?" - an attempt to answer (using specific examples) the question of what the aging potential of Polish wines has and whether their purchase can be treated as an investment - conducted by Magdalena Śleziak; "With a glass around Poland" and "Tastes of Podkarpacie" - two sensory adventures, full of surprising discoveries of flavors and aromas, not only wine ... - led by Katarzyna Korzeń and Tatiana Mucha.

Other attractions of MDW include wine shows and presentations conducted by recognized professionals, including members of the Polish Sommelier Association. For several years, the International Wine Days have been accompanied by a Photo Competition organized by the Regional Museum in Jasło. The topic of this year's competition is: "Flora and fauna of vineyards".

As every year, it will also be possible to visit local vineyards during the Open Day ( August 27). For lovers of wine climates from Małopolska (and not only) there will be a special attraction - an enotourism train that will run for the third time on the route Krakow-Jasło (MDW) - Krakow and will allow all those who decide to go on a one-day trip to Jasło to experience an unforgettable adventure with Polish wine without the need to wonder who will be the driver and who will be the tasting. The team of Winnicomania will take care of the passengers of the train. Additional attractions for passengers include refreshments at the Jasło train station and a guided tour of the city from the Regional Museum in Jasło.

Festival program

This year's attractions of the International Wine Days in Jasło:

August 5 - 6 - 8th Polish Wine Competition

August 27 - Day of Open Vineyards

August 28 - By train in Winne Klimaty

August 28 - "Colors of wine" (painting workshops)

August 28 - A visit to the municipal vineyard

August 28 - 29 - Wine Gardens and Regional Products Fair and Tasting Workshops

Additionally: presentation of diplomas to the winners of the 8th Polish Wine Competition, wine procession, sommelier shows and competitions, light and fire shows, film screenings.

Details about the event are available on the event website: www.dniwina. pl, on the organizers' website: www.winiarzejaslo.pl and in social media.

The organizers of the 15th International Wine Days in Jasło are: the City of Jasło, the Jasło Winemakers' Association " Vinum Pro Cultura " and the Jasło Cultural Center, the event partners are: the Association of Polish Sommeliers, EnoPortal.pl and Winnicomania.

The media patronage over the event is provided by: Czas Wina, Ferment. Wine magazine, Food Service, Our Vineyards, Ouichef.pl portal, Gastronomic Review, Women's and Wine Association, Winicjatywa.

The first Polish motorhome-friendly festival


For the first time, the festival invites motorhome owners to its premises. The organizers have allocated a part of the city car park only for them. Motorhomes can park there for free for two nights. There will be more than 10 such places, and the car park will be protected at night. It will not be possible to discharge waste, but toilets will be available.


We hope that this first camper-friendly festival in Poland will initiate other such initiatives.

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