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According to many tourists visiting the Rhine, the most beautiful town in the region is Bacharach, surrounded by the defensive walls. It is visited by lovers of wonderful landscapes and wine (not necessarily only Rieslings) and romantics.

Bacharach is located in the district of Mainz-Bingen, between Loreley and Bingen, in a region famous for its wine production. The area in which it is located is the Middle Rhine Valley, which has been part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 2002.

Bacharach with flowing wine

It is not without reason that the name of the city shares a common element with the name of the Greek god of wine, Bacchus, because Baccharach was in the past the center of the wine trade. The hills at its feet are also green today with grapevine plantations, so a trip along the vineyard route is one of the main attractions here. Which one is worth visiting? Certainly Weingut Ratzenberger , run by a family that handed down the wine tradition from generation to generation. From the top of the vineyard there is a wonderful view of Bacharach and its surroundings.

An equally beautiful panorama of the valley stretches before the eyes of tourists who visit Weingut Toni Jost - Hahnenhof while exploring the vineyards. The Hahnenhof family has been running vineyards in Bacharach for almost two centuries. In addition to alcoholic beverages with high acidity and a distinct citrus aftertaste (most of the production is low alcohol riesling), it offers visitors accommodation in a 40m² apartment with a fully equipped kitchen and a toilet with shower. For those staying in the vineyard for 5 days or more, the price per night is 65 euros.

One of the most important attractions of the area, the Stahleck Castle , located on a high rock near Bacharach, also offers tourists an overnight stay. A youth hostel has been operating in its interior since the 1920s. From the walls of the restored stronghold you can admire the surrounding castles and the panorama of the Rhine valley.


The tragic love of a sorceress

When talking about the attractions of the region, one cannot fail to mention the Loreley Rock , located at the narrowest point of the Rhine between the North Sea and Switzerland. According to legends, a cliff rising above the water surface for about 120 meters is named after a beautiful sorceress. She lived in Bacharach, falling in love with another unfortunate person, until she was abandoned by a sailor herself. Seeing her beloved sail away on the ship, she threw herself into the sea.


Over time, the place where she died became an inspiration for artists , and for people who think more down-to-earth - a source of income. Today you can buy Loreley in the form of a Barbie doll or brass figurines. Her image is adorned with beer mugs and pens.

The desperate sorceress allegedly sits down on a rock and combs her long curls, remembering her lost love. The brave ones can try to find her, while those less daring can spot her from the nearby Sankt Goarshausen .


Camping in Bacharach

Caravanning enthusiasts will not have to look for a campground, as it is located on site, in Bacharach, and is called Campingplatz Sonnenstrand . You can spend the night here in a tent, as well as in a caravan or camper. The campsite has a restaurant, playground, and guests also have access to a private beach. In summer you can go surfing, water skiing, canoeing and sailing. The parking fee for cars and caravans, motorhomes or a car and a tent is 6 euro / day. An overnight stay for an adult costs 5.5 euros, and a child aged 4-14 - 3 euros. Children up to 4 years of age stay for a fee of EUR 1 / day.

A night in such a place is pure pleasure. It is both a camping and the whole region. An additional, extremely important advantage of the location is great access. The district is connected to the metropolitan regions of Rhein-Neckar and Rhein-Main via a network of public transport, motorways and Europe's largest waterway - the Rhine.

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