A moment of respite in Bracciano

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Italy is not only Rome or other large metropolises, it is above all a country rich in numerous climatic towns and villages. Calm people, completely devoted to their daily activities, but without haste, characteristic buildings and lush nature, a wonderful Italian climate, the warmth of the inhabitants, and excellent cuisine supported by excellent wine. We can find it in every Italian region, but we will be especially delighted with a visit to Lazio, where the beautiful Bracciano lake is located.

Walk through the streets of Bracciano

Near the lake, approx. 45 km northwest of Rome, there is a village bearing the same name as the reservoir. Here, surrounded by extinct volcanoes, everyone who wants to rest in peace and quiet will find themselves. Admiring the beautifully preserved buildings from the Middle Ages and the lazy life of the inhabitants, you can get the impression that time stands still here. During the rest in Bracciano we will see what a real siesta means - the town freezes and people disappear from the streets to indulge in a blissful rest and protect against the scorching sun of the South. When the heat has passed, you can continue exploring the town. You can start your walk from Primo Maggio 1945 square, the center of Bracciano. There are five streets running out of it, no matter which one we choose, it will lead us to beautiful places. One of the streets leads to the atmospheric V Novembre square, with a picturesque fountain and an obelisk in honor of the fallen soldiers. The church of Sr. Lucia degli Agricoltori from 1700 is also noteworthy. In the temple belonging to the Capuchin Order, you can see a canvas depicting the Madonna accompanied by St. Lucia and St. Francis, with the pearl of the area visible in the background. We are talking about the Odescalchi castle towering over the town to this day, one of the most beautiful buildings of this type in the entire Old Continent. Built in the Middle Ages, it belonged to one of the most influential and at the same time one of the cruelest families of that time - Di Vico. Currently, the building is open to the public, while on vacation in Italy, tourists often come to Bracciano to see it. In addition, the castle is used to organize various types of celebrations, meetings and social evenings.

Rest on Lake Bracciano

Every year, thousands of tourists from different European countries come to Lazio for their holidays , tempted by the vision of relaxation on the shores of Lake Bracciano. Legend has it that at the bottom of the reservoir there is a sunken ancient town, a kind of mythical Italian Atlantis. The lake was created as a result of a merger of several extinct volcanoes, currently covers an area of 57.5 km², and at its deepest point is 165 meters. Along the shore there are numerous beaches with excellent infrastructure. They are fully adapted to the needs of every holidaymaker, both tourists who want to relax and those who have come to Bracciano to actively use their vacation. You do not need to look for a water equipment rental, because you will come across them practically at every step. There is also a big attraction at the shore of the reservoir - hot springs . Moreover, Bracciano and the second lake have been creating the Bracciano-Martignano Regional Park since 1999, which is very popular among visitors to the region.

Camping at Bracciano

Just a few hundred meters from the shore, in the northeastern part of the lake, is the Camping Village Internazionale Lago di Bracciano . It has 80 places for caravans and campers, it also invites tourists to the campsite. Each of the plots has electricity and water connection, and guests of the campsite also have access to free wireless internet. People who do not have a vehicle can rent a house with a bathroom or a bungalow. At the campsite there are, among others tennis court and volleyball court, there is also a swimming pool where the youngest guests can splash around. The center is fully adapted to accommodate disabled people.

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