A unique cruise on the Oder

A unique cruise on the Oder – main image

A cruise on the Oder is an excellent choice for people who want to discover their favorite places from a different perspective or simply relax on the water. When it comes to this type of cruises, one of the most interesting offers is a boat cruise on the picturesque Oder. It's no wonder that trips are very popular not only among tourists, but also among residents.

  1. Cruise on the M/S Joanna ship
  2. A sightseeing cruise on the Oder
  3. How much do cruises cost?

If you are wondering where you can book cruises on the Oder or which cruise ship to choose so that the trip takes place in comfortable conditions and is safe, read the rest of the article.

Cruise on the M/S Joanna ship

Passengers who choose to discover new places on board cruise ships have a unique opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of nature, peace and relaxation, which takes on a completely new meaning on the water. However, instead of risking being on board a ship that will not meet the passengers' expectations, it is better to book a proven vessel right away. A great example is M/S Joanna, which is an ideal choice for people who want to travel on the Odra River.

A sightseeing cruise on the Oder

The offer includes a thematic cruise, which allows you to combine sightseeing around the world with the opportunity to learn the most interesting information about the region. In addition, other variants are also available, where passengers can count on additional attractions included in the price of the cruise. A great example is a wine cruise, which can be classified as an all-inclusive cruise. Passengers then have the opportunity to taste as many as four different wines, and the journey will be made more pleasant by the stories of an experienced guide.

How much do cruises cost?

Prices for boat cruises vary greatly, so everyone can afford to take advantage of this offer and book trips on the Odra River for their next family vacation. The cheapest tickets start at PLN 30, but there are also more expensive packages available that include a lot of attractions. Many passengers will certainly be surprised that a trip on the Odra River can offer attractions comparable to those offered by much more expensive sea cruises.

The current offer can be checked on the M/S Joanna website in the cruises tab, where interested Internet users can purchase tickets immediately. If you have additional questions related to your upcoming trips on the Odra River, you can call the number provided on the website or send a message to the e-mail address.


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