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On the coast of Northern Ireland you can see something that will stop the viewer in half a step, opening his mouth in surprise. The basalt columns placed tightly next to each other create a landscape straight from SF movies from the 1980s. Anyone who watched "The Golden Child" with Eddie Murphy will know what we're talking about.

There is a very original rock formation in the Irish county of Antrim. It is called the Giant's Causeway, or the Way of the Giants. Situated among the scenery of cliffs, it has fascinated artists for centuries not only with the number of columns it consists of (over 35,000), but also with the shape they formed. They froze in this form about 50-60 million years ago, and their formation is explained by the blow cracks that arose during the period of lava solidification.

How the legend was created

The colloquial name of the formation explains what has been known for a long time - when humanity does not understand something, it tries to explain it in its own way. According to Irish legend, the rows of columns created as a result of giant cracks are the work of the giant Finn McCool. He was supposed to go to Scotland to beat his rival there, but when he saw him, he became scared by the size of his competitor and fled back to Ireland. Moreover, in panic he disguised himself as a child. The Scotsman followed in his footsteps, but after seeing the giant baby, he took his legs by the waist, without even trying to wonder how big the parent of the "toddler" must be. While escaping, he cut a causeway to foil the pursuit. In summary, both giants showed moderate courage to flee at the sight of each other, and the basalt pillars are meant to be evidence of a panicked escape.

The tallest of the columns are about 12 meters high and their average width is over 45 cm. The Giants Causeway cuts into the sea at 150 meters, while at its widest point it is 160 meters long.


Relax with a glass of Bushmills

Tourists interested in the history of the mysterious formation can visit Northern Ireland and learn about the Way of the Giants and other attractions in this area. We will trace the traces of the past by visiting local towns. These include Bushmills , where you can soothe your nerves from walking too close to the cliffs, watching the waves crash against the rocks underneath Dunluce Castle, or crossing the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, swaying 24 meters above the water's surface.


And what is the best way to relax in windy Ireland? Of course, with a glass of whiskey. And not just any - produced in the oldest Irish distillery, The Old Bushmills Distillery . The distillates of the region's pride are matured in sherry and bourbon casks, thanks to which its creamy bouquet is enriched with additional aromatic qualities.


Overnight at the Way of the Giants

About 0.5 km from the Giant's Causeway Visitors Center are Giant's Causeway Holiday Cottages where you can spend the night in a cozy self-catering cottage. It is a great location both for those who want to have quick access to the Giants Causeway, as well as for people who want to play golf in a beautiful, though slightly austere scenery. In the immediate vicinity is the Bushfoot Golf Club, a prestigious resort that recently celebrated its 125th birthday. Volunteers can take advantage of courses, including the Royal Portrush Golf Course.

Those who would like to focus more on golf than landscapes will probably find an even better option to stay at the Causeway Hotel , located halfway between the first facility and the clubhouse. Some of the 28 stylish rooms have a beautiful view of the ocean and their own terrace.

This part of Northern Ireland is associated with the wind, playing golf by the cliffs and sipping aromatic whiskey on the terrace. Tourists who like exploring such raw, slightly mysterious places will be delighted.

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