An exclusive picnic in the middle of the forest

An exclusive picnic in the middle of the forest – main image

Picnic is approaching fast, which is undoubtedly associated with relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A picnic, a walk in the park or forest, a bicycle trip or a trip to the mountains are just some of the proposals that are most often chosen by Poles. However, not everyone loves the standard, repeated every year attractions. In such a situation, other, alternative solutions come to the rescue, which will appeal to everyone who wants to spend a picnic in a slightly more sophisticated way.

May weekend in the middle of the forest can also be exclusive!

The climate in the forest is mainly associated with walking, photographing nature, grilling and resting among the surrounding nature and wild animals. However, few people realize that there are places that offer more sophisticated attractions that will satisfy even the most demanding person. An example of such a facility is the Grand Chotowa Hotel located in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship. It offers the Majówka 2021 package, which includes not only accommodation and meals, but also unlimited use of the available attractions and SPA.


A stay in the forest does not have to be boring

What attractions can await us in the forest? In addition to walking and cycling, which are clearly the most popular forms of spending free time among the surrounding nature, there are more sophisticated attractions that are able to provide incredible entertainment and provide adrenaline - both for adults and children. You can mention here, among others:

  1. A zip-line ride , which is an ideal proposition for thrill-seekers, as the route leads over the beach and the mirror of the lagoon. This will make your stay at the resort unforgettable.
  2. Wall climbing , a type of sport that requires courage and overcoming fear of heights. The reward for the effort put into climbing is the opportunity to admire the beautiful views of the surrounding area at the very end.
  3. Rope park - thanks to four routes to choose from, everyone will be able to find something suitable for themselves. This sport is also very suitable for people who want to overcome their inner fears.
  4. Water sports - for water lovers, Hotel Chotowa offers the possibility of renting water equipment - you can choose a canoe or a bicycle. This choice is sure to provide many new experiences and lots of fun.

... and what about people who do not like any form of physical activity?

People who do not like any form of physical activity during their holidays, but would only like to experience a quiet, exclusive picnic in the middle of the forest, can take advantage of the SPA offer. Various services are available - from a beauty parlor offering beauty treatments, through a massage parlor and sauna zone, to a cryo-chamber, i.e. a cold zone that ... heals. A series of treatments in the cryochamber not only strengthens the immune system and improves circulation, but also increases vitality and improves well-being. The above examples of spending free time are a perfect example of the fact that while on vacation in the middle of the forest you can take care of yourself in the same way as in the city - except that you also rest in nature, which has a more positive effect on mental and physical health. .

A picnic in the middle of the forest is an ideal proposition for people who want to cut themselves off from the surrounding reality , but at the same time want to maintain the standard of services offered in the city. Due to the possibility of choosing various attractions and services, everyone is able to find something for themselves - regardless of whether they prefer spending their free time actively or only want to relax.

An exclusive picnic in the middle of the forest – image 1

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