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If someone gets cold at the mere sight outside the window, let him think about the frosty Siberia and imagine skiers in swimming trunks coming down the slopes. Time for bikini skiing!

Skiing or snowboarding is associated with sport performed at low temperatures, not to mention the cold. As a result, when preparing to go to the slopes, we dress appropriately so as not to get cold and at the same time not to overheat. Sports stores are full of assortment adapted to this type of winter discipline. Meanwhile, skiing in the fresh snow in summer clothes on the beach, i.e. in bikinis, is becoming more and more popular. It is difficult to judge whether the skiers or the spectators have more fun and joy.

In fact, the fashion for bikini skiing should not surprise us, "ordinary mortals". After all, everyone has heard about the so-called walruses, i.e. people who like to bathe in ice-cold water in winter. Many of them compare swimming in the summer to splashing in warm jelly, and they feel the real pleasure of this sport only with the onset of frost. So why not go skiing, wearing only shorts and sunglasses?

If a Guinness record, then… Russia

This year we had the opportunity to hear about bikini skiing thanks to the loud action of breaking the record with the largest number of scantily clad skiers gathered in one place. The previous one belonged to Canadians who managed to collect 250 daredevils, but their feat was not in the Book of Records.

The inhabitants of the country of the brown bear decided to break the record with great pomp and gathered for this purpose in Sheregesh, a town in the Kemer region famous as a Russian skiing center . On April 20, 2013, during the Grelka Festival, around 700 skiers left the slope, setting a new bikini skiing record. The temperature was up to ten degrees, it was beautiful and sunny - just in time to have fun in the south of Siberia.

Siberia, Yeti and bikini

Seregesh had become famous before, exuding an aura of mystery around him and a place visited by the Snow Man. Yeti is said to live in the Azasskaya cave in Górska Szoria. Someone saw it, someone heard it, someone came across it, in any case, a legend was so strong that it was decided to build a theme park on its basis. Yeti village is to be completed within 2 years, and it is already attracting huge interest of tourists. For now, visitors can pay attention to temperamental fans of skiing and snowboarding, dashing down the slopes in skimpy clothing. In order not to favor only the female sex, let us emphasize that men are also not afraid of the cold. More than one will pass us in a hurry, dressed only in shorts.

World Snowboard Guide awarded Shereghes the title of the best ski resort in Russia . Looking at the vastness of the country, it is a great honor, but at the same time fully deserved. The snow cover lasts over six months, and its excellent quality (the snow is dry and fluffy) allows you to reach high speeds during madness on the slopes.

Bikini skiing just abroad

We are a bit far to the Siberian resort - over 5,000 kilometers. Those interested in hot atmosphere on the slopes can pay attention to the offer of one of the Slovak ski resorts. In March this year, a great event, Bikini Skiing 2013, took place in Jasna near Chopok . Dozens of people took part in a crazy fun in the snow, and the titles of Miss and Mister Bikini Ski were won by daredevils from Poland. Those who could not come to Jasna this year or did not know about the event may go there in a few months. The organizers of the event announce that it will be much bigger and much more boisterous.

There's no need to wait, it's time to get your skis ready and take your swimsuit out of the closet.

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