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Located at the foot of Monte Maddalena, the second largest city in Lombardy (after Milan) is a true pearl of the region. Brescia, called the "lioness of Italy", is a rapidly developing economic center, where at the same time great importance is attached to the cultivation of tradition and the history of the region, so that it does not fall into oblivion. It is a city of contrasts, winding streets and a huge number of atmospheric places, perfect for tourists visiting Italy.

Brescia in one day

Today, Brescia is a dynamically developing economic center with history in the background. It may come as a surprise that the city is not too crowded with tourists - even in high season. On the other hand, it makes it a great place for anyone who would like to get to know all the best in this country during their holidays in Italy , but without the disturbing crowds. You can start your tour from the Old Town, surrounded by the remains of city fortifications from the reign of the Venetian Republic. There are countless winding streets waiting for us there, and at every turn there is a cozy cafe where you can taste Pirlo, a combination of white wine, campari and mineral water. There are many squares in this part of the city, but one of them stands out - Piazza della Loggia . It is home to the town hall, a palace with a characteristic roof, and a building that is the center of the city's political, artistic and cultural life. Above the north-eastern part of the city, on a hill overlooking a beautiful view, is Castello . The squat walls and the multitude of fortifications of the castle testify to its strategic importance for the area. At the end of the 19th century, it was taken over by the city and now serves as a museum. On the outskirts of Brescia is the Mille Miglia , a museum dedicated to the famous car rally that starts and ends in the city and runs through the roads of northern Italy (the stop halfway through the race is Rome). The history of the rally dates back to 1927. The Mille Miglia takes place every year and is unique for two reasons - vehicles manufactured before 1957 start in it, and the route is only on public roads.

An original trip to Lombardy

Tourists who would like to see the attractions of Brescia , not necessarily in a classic way, will certainly be interested in the fact that it is possible to see them "from below". What does it mean? In the course of development, each city needs a place to enlarge its borders. Consequently, it is natural to build up any obstacles, including rivers. And this is what we find in Brescia - the opportunity to visit the suburban streams built up over the last few centuries. During the trip, we will see not only medieval bridges with no trace of them on the ground, but also the remains of old buildings, including a window underground . We end the trip by leaving the ordinary sewerage well in the city center - an attraction both for us and for people walking on the surface. It is difficult to find an equally original sightseeing option in Lombardy (and throughout Italy).

Camping on Lake Garda

On the south-west bank of the Garda there is a large, well-equipped holiday complex. This is Camping Europa Silvella , located in San Felice del Benaco, in an area richly covered with beautiful greenery (magnolias, acacia, olives and oaks). It offers guests nearly 350 plots - each of them quickly and efficiently has access to modern buildings with toilets. Sanitary facilities are fully adapted to the needs of the disabled, they also have facilities for mothers with children. The campsite will meet the expectations of every tourist, from amateurs of quiet relaxation in the shade of trees, and ending with active visitors - the location of the center allows you to get to know the attractions around the lake, as well as further trips, e.g. to Milan, Padua or Trento.

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