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Belle-Île is the largest of the Breton islands. The French beauty serves as the bedroom of the Morbihan department - the number of people staying there is growing rapidly in the summer. Many buildings are inhabited only in the high season, to turn off the windows in autumn and fall asleep.

Thanks to the temperate climate of Belle-Île, the name of which can simply be translated as "a beautiful island in the sea", it provides ideal conditions for relaxation in summer. The average temperature is around 23 ° C, and the maximum temperature is around 30 ° C. You can enjoy the beautiful weather while sightseeing without the risk of dragging foot by foot in the heat.

Beautiful island in the sea

Belle-Île is 7 km wide and 17 km long, and its coast tempts with a variety of forms. In the north-eastern part you will find yacht harbors and sandy beaches (including the famous Great Sands), while on the northern tip, in Pointe des Poulains , the sea crashes into jagged cliffs and the beaches are covered with stones.

The main ports of Belle-Île are: Sauzon and La Palais. In summer, you have to be patient when you cross the raised pedestrian bridge with the latter. The yachts pull one after the other here, entering the port, so it remains sad to wait for the last of them to cross the "gate". Fortunately, in addition to forcing you to stand in long lines, the port also has fun to offer, including a sandy beach in the immediate vicinity - Plage Port Saint-Julien.

On a two-wheeler across the island

The most convenient options are to get around the island by car, and the most popular - by bike. It can be rented virtually anywhere, which allows for an efficient, healthy and enjoyable visit to all corners of Belle-Île. It is worth mentioning that cycling is very much promoted on the island by the local tourist board.

Traveling through Belle-Île on a two-wheeler, you can reach the most beautiful places and quickly understand why and what the island was so delighted with artists - not only impressionist painters (including Monet), but also writers. Its main advantage is the beauty of the coast, where there is a place for both huge cliffs and sandy beaches.

The pearl of the island is the so-called The Wild Coast (Côte Sauvage) that fully lives up to its name. Its rock walls hide numerous grottoes, and the cliff itself - like an experienced warrior with scarred skin - looks as if it has fought many battles with the sea.

When visiting Belle-Île, take a closer look at Vauban's citadel . In the past, the fortress played an important role as the guardian of the island against the impetus of the English who tried to conquer it several times. Today it houses a museum.

Camping in Belle-Île-en-Mer

There are several campsites on the island with a very inviting offer. Le Bordénéo **** , approximately 500 meters from Port Fouquet, has a swimming pool complex, including an indoor heated and an outdoor swimming pool with slides, a snack bar (with take-away option) and a shop. Campsite guests can play volleyball, petanque, use the gym, tennis court and games room with a pool table and table football. There is also a bicycle, scooter and kayak rental.

Camping de l'Ocean *** , a competitor of Le Bordénéo, is a year-round campsite dedicated to, among others, families with children. Those wishing to spend their vacation in the heart of the island will be pleased with the choice - 125 places are waiting for them, located in a wooded area located about 250 meters from La Palais and 1.5 km from the beach.

In addition to campsites, Belle-Île offers accommodation in boarding houses, private houses and hotels. You can choose the color. A jagged coastline, countless cycling and walking routes, water sports, golf and a host of other activities - does that really sound like describing an island that sleeps?

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