Camping in Italy - what is worth knowing?

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Holidays in Italy will appeal to many people. Great weather, beautiful beaches and lots of interesting cities full of monuments make it a good idea to visit this country. Instead of staying in a hotel, you can go camping. This type of accommodation has many advantages and is easy to implement. What is worth knowing about a camping holiday in Italy?

Is camping in Italy a good idea?

Camping in Italy, especially in summer, is a great option. This solution is, above all, cheaper than staying in a hotel. Thanks to this, you can organize a budget holiday in sunny Italy. You can go there by plane - this option is also financially advantageous. Flights from Poland to Milan are usually the cheapest. Their current prices can be checked at .

The lower price is not the only advantage of this holiday idea. Italian campsites are very well equipped. They offer both high-standard houses and plots for your own tent. In addition, there are sometimes restaurants and bars on the campsites, as well as additional attractions, e.g. sports fields. The best places of this type also provide access to water parks that allow for great fun.

Where to look for campsites in Italy?

There are many campsites in Italy, in different parts of the country. If you want to find the best ones, you can use the help of tourist guides. The CampRest campsite search engine will also prove reliable, where you will find various campsites in Italy .

It is worth knowing which Italian campsites are the most famous. These include:

  • hu Park Albatros – a huge center in San Vincenzo in Tuscany. The campsite is located right next to the beach and gives you the opportunity to use swimming pools, an amusement park, a playground, bike rental, and play mini golf or volleyball;
  • Spiaggia e Mare – campsite in Porto Garibaldi, on the Adriatic Riviera. There is the option of using swimming pools and practicing water sports;
  • Bella Italia – located on the beautiful Lake Garda, which guarantees wonderful views. Tourists can enjoy there, among others: beach, aqua park and restaurants.

Campsites can also be found in large cities, which are particularly attractive in terms of sightseeing. It is worth mentioning, among others: Campeggio Città di Milano in Milan, Village Camping Flaminio in Rome or Campeggio Campeggio Città di Bologna in Bologna.

Wild camping in Italy – is it possible?

Many people like to spend the night "in the wild", which can sometimes be an additional attraction and adventure. Is this possible in Italy? Unfortunately not. The local law prohibits pitching tents or placing campers and trailers in places that have not been adapted for this purpose. Wild camping in Italy may result in a fine of up to EUR 500. However, there are some exceptions. If the owner of a private property agrees to spend the night there, you can do so.

In the case of "wild" camping in Italy, you have to take into account inspections. This applies especially to the north of the country and the area around the most touristic cities. It's hard to avoid a fine there. So it's not worth the risk, especially since there are many nice and well-kept campsites in Italy.

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