Winnebago Trend - Ducato in American style

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The Americans decided to take a lesson from Europeans for whom a modern motorhome is almost always based on the Fiat Ducato. I wonder if the US will adopt a "baby" based on a car that is called Ram ProMaster overseas.

We do not know how much this car is likely to become popular in America. Winnebago Trend - because this is what a motorhome is called - is a good example of how different thinking about motorhomes in Europe and the United States is.

The differences can be seen from the outside - for example, in European motorhomes we will not find split, sliding side windows , and the bodies usually have less various embossments.

American vision of luxury

We can find even more differences in the interior. Although the layout itself is similar to the European one, the colors may be surprising. In Europe, the fronts of cabinets in the color of light wood, possibly white or pastel colors, dominate. It is much darker in the American Trend. The floor gives the impression of stone, a la marble table and table top, cabinets in shades of dark gray and even seating areas with dark, for example, burgundy and black quilting.

Although the car is not large, there is a place for a shower inside, accessible behind glass, sliding doors . Hot and cold water can be turned on using traditional round taps.

Hospitable interior

In the kitchen part, we can count on a large table top in a straight or L-shape. Interestingly, the cover of the sink consists of two wooden cutting boards . Very deep, sliding drawers are placed in the tall pantry.

The kitchen equipment includes, among others microwave oven . In European motorhomes, when fitted, it is usually placed over the heads of passengers. But in Trend it can also be below, right next to the large refrigerator opposite the worktop.

In some versions, up to 7 people can sit at the table in the living area. Two on the sofas on both sides of the table, and three on the sofa along the side wall.

In the shorter version, you will find a smaller couch and 180-degree rotating seats for the driver and passenger . The sofas can be used to form an additional sleeping place. The main one is located at the rear of the vehicle or under the ceiling at the front of the car.

The skylight next to the bed can be conveniently closed with a blind that tightly covers the glass . Roller blinds were installed at the other windows. The electrically lowered bed can also be located in the middle compartment.

Everything for the price

The American motorhome could not miss a TV (22- or 26-inch). For an additional fee, you can even have two TV sets - the larger one will then be hung on the wall in the sleeping area, the second (19-inch) can be found in a closed upper cabinet in the living area. A TV antenna with amplifier is also standard equipment, as is the awning on the side of the vehicle and decorative LED lighting.

Anyway, the standard here is pretty much everything that you would have to pay extra for in Europe - including a reversing camera . Instead of a long list of additional equipment, we have a very long list of what the customer will get at the basic price.

For an additional fee, you can purchase little more than heating the water and sewage system . Well… America!

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