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Sea lovers will love the oldest district of Scilla. In Chianalea they will rest, calm down and relax with the sound of the waves. They will relax while walking along the narrow streets. They will spend wonderful evenings with a glass of wine and live music.

Lying on the Calabrian coast, between the slopes of the Aspromonte massif and the Tyrrhenian Sea, Scilla boasts many advantages that have been tempting tourists for years. The most important of these is Chianalea, the oldest district of the resort, also known as Acquagrande or Canales. The second term comes from architecture - small houses that form it, built directly on the rocks, are separated from each other by small alleys resembling channels going straight to the sea.

Living according to the sea

Chianalea is teeming with life, which is due not so much to the number of tourists as to the fishermen who go fishing every day. Walking along the picturesque streets, we meet them at every turn - repairing nets, trimming fish, and preparing boats for work.

The undisputed king of local cuisine is the swordfish . It is prepared here according to traditional recipes in several ways, including in the oven, in a pan and in a sauce with thick and springy maccheroni noodles.

In hardly any place you can hear the sound of the sea so intensely. The waves crash against the rocks as if trying their hand - will we finally manage to grab some land, tear off a piece and devour it greedily? The noise of water is a background for life for the residents and for tourists staying in one of the hotels. It is difficult to relax before going to bed better.

Overnight in Chianalea

Where can we spend one or more nights? For example, in the 4-star hotel Il Principe di Scilla , where luxury is perfectly combined with the possibility of unfettered contact with nature. The hotel is housed in buildings that belonged to the old De Nava family in the 15th century, later the residence changed hands - and a bit of character. Still, its interiors have retained their former charm, taste and class, are full of splendor, even royal. Morning coffee drunk on the terrace of the apartment overlooking the bay is pure delight. Sitting at the table, we can set our face to the rays of the sun and let the gentle sea breeze caress the skin. Behind your back a comfortable apartment, the blue of the sea in front of your eyes - what could be a more wonderful start to the day?

Of course, a night in such conditions is associated with a significant reduction in your wallet. We have to take into account the minimum cost of 150 euros.

A tourist who decides on the Bed And Breakfast Casa Vela Scilla offer will pay much less. You can choose a studio or an apartment with a sea view. The owners of the facility also offer the possibility of buying home-made alcoholic beverages (they run a wine bar). They can be eaten at a table on the ground floor, listening to live music. Accommodation prices start from EUR 50 (late April / early May) and end at EUR 120 in the high season (August).

And those who prefer to be as close as possible to the most beautiful things in Chianalea instead of luxuries can stop their vehicle in the motorhome parking area - Area Sosta Camper a Scilla . It is waiting for guests from May 15 to September 15. The first night on it costs 10 euros, and the next 8 euros.

Welcome to Scilla!

Whichever place we choose to stay, we will be able to see a wonderful sunrise. Chianalea is a charming corner of one of the most beautiful Italian towns, so we will rest here like nowhere else. You can observe the lazy life of the inhabitants - the younger ones next to their boats, and the older ones catching the sun with pleasure in the open doors of their houses.

The whole region is also beautiful. Reggio di Calabria is a province of dense forests with chestnuts, beeches, firs and oaks, covered with olive groves and areas of vines. We can also find wonderful cliffs and numerous fishing villages with dense buildings, using every suitable space.

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