Ferrara - former court of the d'Este family

Ferrara - former court of the d'Este family – main image

Ferrara is a city in northern Italy, located in the Emilia-Romagna region. According to the data, they are inhabited by over 130 thousand. people. The city, once the seat of the d`Este family, boasts numerous monuments and interesting museums. The city of Bologna, the capital of the region, which is more famous among tourists, is only 50 km away. It's worth a look, because although the city is small and quiet, it has a lot to offer. What to see when visiting Ferrara? What local cuisine is worth trying?

A practical guide

Ferrara, although small, is one of the most charming cities in this part of the country. Spend at least a day there, and you will definitely want to come back for longer. In the city inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995, be sure to see the Castelle Estense Castle, located in the very center. The building was built at the end of the 14th century, built in bastions and surrounded by a moat. Over the years, it was consumed by fires, and its owners changed as well, so that experienced observers will notice several architectural styles blending in the appearance of the building. Another point of your trip to Italy is the Romanesque cathedral with a baroque finish, the city hall, which was once the residence of the d`Este family, the Dominican monastery and Renaissance palaces - Palazzo dei Diamanti, Casa Romei and Palazzo Schifanoia. All art lovers will find themselves in the city. It is full of museums such as Museo Lapidario and Museo Archeologico Nazional. The culmination of a family holiday in Emilia-Romagna can be a stroll through the old town, where there are many atmospheric pubs and restaurants serving delicious regional cuisine. We suggest which ones are worth trying.

The cuisine of the region


Food in Italy doesn't need any advertising. The Emilia-Romagna region, called the culinary capital of the country, is therefore the best place to taste local dishes. The unique character of the cuisine is mainly influenced by its favorable location along the southern bank of the Po River. There are particularly fertile soils, which give abundant and varied crops. The area prides itself on the best pasta - from which fresh tortellini, ravioli or tortelloni with delicious stuffing and aromatic sauces are made. Tagliatelle con ragù with hand-made pasta and rich in flavor meat sauce is one of the greatest classics of cuisine that you can easily order in restaurants while relaxing in Ferrara . In the vicinity you will also find a Parmesan factory and a Parma ham factory near Parma. For wine lovers, refreshing Lambrusco wines and dry Trebbiano await. Among the traditional sweet products, root cookies, lemon pie and cake with nuts and raisins deserve special attention.

Campsites in Emilia-Romagna


A campsite in Emilia-Romagna is a proposal for people who like to combine relaxation by the sea with visiting historical places. Places such as Tahiti Camping & Thermae Bungalow Park offer visitors numerous amenities, including access to the beach and several swimming pools, an entertainment team that will adapt the program of stay to younger and older guests, and a wide range of sports activities such as gym, volleyball and tennis . There is also a spa on site that will bring relief to both body and soul. First of all, this campsite is a great base for visiting the cities of the region, such as Ferrara, Bologna and Ravenna. Thanks to this, your holiday in Italy will be really enjoyable!

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