Discover Sicily on a motorhome across the sunny island

Discover Sicily on a motorhome across the sunny island – main image

Called the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is one of the most charming and unique places for a dream vacation. By traveling through it and its nearby islands in a camper, you have a chance to see its true face, sometimes even untouched by civilization, which delights and leaves amazing memories.

Faces of Sicily

Sicily grew straight from the sea as a result of a volcanic eruption. Thanks to this, the terrain here is extremely interesting, and its individual parts are completely different from each other. In the north, high mountains look majestically into the azure sea, while in the south, vast beaches stretch for miles, washed by the cleanest water in the entire Mediterranean. The eastern part of Sicily is called Greek due to its numerous ancient ruins, while the western, Arabic part delights with its cultural mix and constant hustle and bustle. When starting your camper trip around this extraordinary island, it is worth dividing it into several stages. Be prepared that when you change location, you will feel as if you have just entered another country.

Amazing views, crowded streets and you

The rocky coast in the northern part of the island hides atmospheric coves and intimate beaches that are an ideal place for diving. Walking along the seaside is not easy, but it is certainly full of surprising discoveries of deserted paradise beaches, just like from tropical brochures of travel agencies.

Driving along the coast, you can't help but stop in Palermo, which, in addition to crowded streets, also has olive plantations located on the hills, stretching for kilometers, and a quaint market where singing sellers offer fresh seafood, juicy fruits and other traditional Italian delicacies. Shopping here will certainly be useful for an evening barbecue next to the camper parked on the hill. Dinner with fresh octopus or shrimps with the scorching sun setting over the horizon must be successful.

Being in the north, a must-see is the Nebrodi National Park . Here you have to be prepared for winding paths and narrow roads, but they will reward you with amazing views, nature untouched by human hands and small villages where the tradition of Sicily has been cultivated since forever. From here you can only go to one place: Etna. This dormant, active volcano can be visited with a guide. Numerous small craters and secret caves create a truly lunar landscape, and its unbridled nature, which forces it to release steam or lava from time to time, can be quite scary.

A well-deserved rest on a golden beach

After the extraordinary experience in the north, you can head towards the west coast, where numerous small towns await you, where you will not only feel the true atmosphere of bustling Sicily, but also taste the best of what it has to offer. Stop at small restaurants along the way that will treat you to traditional flavors of caponata and cuccia. To cool down from the hot sun, don't forget to try some ice cream - after all, you are in Italy, which is famous for this delicacy. In the evening, sit by your vehicle and enjoy a delicious glass of wine. In the taste of Nero D'Avola, Marsala or Etna, you will once again feel the hot sun of the island, which also pampers the grapes.

The perfect campsite to relax in Sicily will be Helios Camping , located on the beach in the small town of Triscina di Selinunte. Here you will end your journey lying on the golden sand above the azure of the gently rustling sea, and numerous amenities such as Wi-Fi or the possibility of renting a kayak will make the time spent here extremely fruitful and pleasant.

Discover Sicily on a motorhome across the sunny island – image 1
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