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The second largest island of Italy, a stop halfway between Europe and Africa, offers wetlands that attract nature lovers (and cyclists), over 1,800 km of coastline in various, fanciful forms, and the remains of an ancient civilization that they saw in water is the power to heal not only the body but also the soul. It is about the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the emerald waters of Sardinia.

Holidays in Sardinia

The capital of Sardinia and at the same time the largest center of the island, Cagliari, is a beautiful city, which today can be easily reached, for example, by low-cost airlines from Krakow. Beautifully located in the Bay of Angels, it guarantees a successful holiday for both lovers of lounging on the beaches and tourists who like spending time actively. When planning a visit to Cagliari , it is worth considering climbing Monte Urpin, from which there is a wonderful view of the entire city and the surrounding area. In the resort itself, sooner or later legs will lead us to Castello, the Old Town, where there are attractions such as the Elephant Tower or several museums with interesting exhibitions. The greatest interest of the visitors is aroused by the finds from the times of the Nordic civilization (including the statues of the Mother Goddess), which can be seen in the National Archaeological Museum. If someone would like to learn more about the history of the mysterious Nuragians, during trips around Sardinia, he will encounter more than one holy well and the so-called nuragi, which are especially abundant in the central part of the island, around Paulilatino. The wells, apart from obtaining water, served as a place of prayers and - according to one of the theories - as a source of energy. The nuragi, on the other hand, are towers built over a stone altar. One of the best-preserved, Su Nuraxi , can be found near Barumini.

Running among flamingos

The southern part of Sardinia is very popular with nature lovers. The area of the Sarrabus region consists of wetlands and shallow ponds surrounded by lush marsh vegetation. These are important habitats for birds - both common species such as cormorants and coots, as well as rare kingfishers, stilt stilt and flamingos. Sarrabus is also known for the cultivation of citrus fruits. Every spring, the Citrus Festival is held in the region's capital, Muravera. During it, parades, concerts and art shows are organized, as well as tastings of local products. The tradition of the festival dates back to the 1960s. East of Cagliari is a vast area of ponds and lakes that was used in the past for salt mining. This is Saline di Molentargius , today a water reserve. People who love nature can visit it on foot and by bike (you can rent it), you can also go jogging or trekking here. Pure pleasure - to exercise in such a beautiful environment, with the chance to see various species of waterfowl. Heading towards the sea, we will reach a wide strip of Sardinia's longest beach, Poetto. The 11 km long sandy beach with a promenade next to it in the evening tempts you to take long walks, not only before sunset. There are plenty of stalls selling souvenirs (including handicrafts) and local delicacies along the promenade. It is beautiful here, the water is deliciously warm and the sand is pleasant to the feet. Anyone who decides to vacation by the Mediterranean Sea will be happy that they chose the Sardinian beaches.

Camping in Sardinia

Tourists who look for a camping when looking for accommodation in Sardinia will be pleased. Camping Villaggio Capo Ferrato , one of the first of its kind on the island, invites you from Easter until the end of October. It is located right on the seashore and its visitors enjoy the shade of mimosa, eucalyptus and other lush Mediterranean vegetation. The staff speaks English, German and French. From the very beginning, the camping has been run by one family, thanks to which guests can feel a wonderful, intimate atmosphere during their stay.

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