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The Italian province of Terni delights with the beauty of its waterfalls and streams and the lush green forests. Its heart is the city of the same name, known as the birthplace of Saint Valentine.

For some, the first association with the "city of lovers" will probably be Paris, for others Verona. Meanwhile, this is the name of the Italian town in the Umbria region of Terni. The capital of the province bearing the same name was famous, among other things, for the fact that the patron saint of lovers - Saint Valentine - comes from it.

Steel City

Terni is less than 105 kilometers from Rome, in the valley of the Nera River. It was founded by the Romans, and over time it turned into a steel producing center. During World War II, it suffered enormous damage from Allied bombing, yet it is known to this day as the cradle of Italian industry. It is sometimes referred to as the Steel City, as well as the Italian Manchester .

It also has a second, much more romantic face. Saint Valentine was born in Ternia , later bishop and patron of the city - and of all lovers. The saint's remains are kept in a sanctuary built in his honor.

Walks around Terni

The city is full of beautiful monuments, such as the cathedral of Duomo di Terni. Tourists who visit Terni in summer also (or perhaps most of all) pay a lot of attention to its surroundings. The Parco Fluviale del Nera - a national park where you can lose track of time among the lush greenery and the murmur of streams - is of great interest to visitors. It is a protected area covering an area of approximately 2,200 ha. Picturesque waterfalls hide in part of the Nera Valley, and rare species (including ferns) are found among the lush vegetation of the park. The flora is also very rich, including birds of prey (including kestrels).

You can get to know the park in several ways, ranging from the standard, i.e. on foot, through sightseeing on bicycles, and ending with canoeing.

Attractions for water lovers

About 7.7 km from Terni there is a great tourist attraction - the famous 3-step cascata delle Marmore waterfalls. To be in this region and not to see them is like not to be here at all. Its impressive height (165 meters) owes its fame to the highest cascade in Europe.


Moving further south, we come across another gem of the region. It is a small, but exceptionally beautiful Piediluco Lake , subtly blended by nature between the Umbrian hills. Every year, international rowing competitions are held there.

Camping near Narnia

For tourists who plan to cross this part of Italy in their own motorhome, and are interested in the description of the surroundings of Terni, an ideal place awaits. It is "Monti del Sole" , a campsite with a warm, family atmosphere and the owner himself owns a mobile home. An adult's accommodation costs from 7 to 10 euros, and for a motorhome pitch - from 8 to 11 euros.

Campsite guests have easy access to the so-called the green heart of Italy . The small town of Narni is located approx. 5 km from Monti del Sole, while the distance from Marmore waterfalls and Lake Piediluco is approx. 20 km. It is a great starting point to other places in the region that are worth visiting - including Todi and Spoleto (30 km), Orvieto (50 km) or Assisi and Perugia (80 km) located a bit further.

Terni is the main city of the region, offering tourists countless attractions. It is visited not only by those in love, but also by nature lovers who are looking for a respite in the green of the surrounding forests.

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