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Will a lover of the past and admiring monuments be bored in a city where an impressive monument to the creator of Marxism, Karl Marx, stands to this day? Will there be attractions here that will overshadow the sculpture 7 meters high and weighing almost 40 tons? Will the center, which is perfectly suited to the term "city of modernism", be able to impress a tourist? The Saxon city of Chemnitz, because we are talking about it, can boast at least a few interesting places.

A trip to Saxony

During your holiday in Saxony , it is worth visiting the third largest (after Leipzig and Dresden) center of the region. It is situated on the river Chemnitz and has the same name. It was badly damaged during World War II, so today there are not many historic buildings in it. Most of them were replaced by factory halls, concrete blocks and modernist sculptures. Nevertheless, there are still some attractive places in Chemnitz that are worth seeing. They include, among others Klaffenbach Water Castle , located on the southern outskirts of the city, near the golf club. Together with the hotel and restaurant, it forms a complex surrounded by a beautiful landscape park. It is visited by tourists from various countries (including organized tours), and there are also many cultural events, outdoor events, workshops and exhibitions. Chemnitz also has a nice old Renaissance (Altes Rathaus) and Art Nouveau new town hall (Neues Rathaus). The historic part of the city is best seen from the Hoher Turm, the tower of the old town hall. While visiting Chemnitz , you can go to the top of one of the city's oldest buildings, the 12th-century Roter Turm (Red Tower), and visit the Jakobikirche, the Gothic church of St. James. An interesting point is the Gunzenhauser, a museum with a collection of modernist works, housed in the former seat of the local bank, and postal distance posts with the initials of the Polish king, Augustus II the Strong.


Welcome to the city of Karl Marx!

A trip to Chemnitz can be a very valuable element of a holiday in Germany , although not so long ago the city had a completely different name: Karl-Marx-Stadt and it was not building its position on tourist attractions. Despite the destruction of the war and the subsequent industrial development, which resulted in the creation of huge industrial facilities, today tourists can appreciate its cultural side. The city has a thriving cultural life, museums, galleries and theaters are crowded, as is the Stadthalle , a concert and entertainment venue that frequently hosts festivals.


A must-see on a tour of Chemnitz is the Kulturhaus DAStietz , the cultural center that houses the New Saxon Gallery, the library and the Natural History Museum. The city is also famous for the most beautiful district from the Gierno period (19th century) in Europe - Kaßberg . Another strong accent of the center is the cabaret scene, including the Sachsenmeyer Kabarett and the Chemnitzer Kabarett. And if someone would like to use their vacation for typical consumerist pleasures and go shopping in a gallery, they won't be looking for a long time. The city is home to Saxony's largest shopping center, the Chemnitz Center.

Camping in Chemnitz

Camping Rabenstein is located in the western part of the city, from which Lake Oberrabenste can be reached in about a quarter of an hour on foot. People looking for greenery and silence will be especially satisfied with their stay, because it is away from the hustle and bustle and is surrounded by a park. The main sounds that come to him are the voices of nature - on the campsite's website you can read that in nice weather you can hear the roar of lions from the nearby wild animal park (Tierpark Chemnitz), often at night are also accompanied by wolves. In the immediate vicinity of the facility there is a water reservoir where you can take a bath. Camping is very popular among tourists, especially cycling enthusiasts. It is distinguished by friendly prices, in addition, there are bicycle paths close to it - you only need to get on a bike and you can explore the area. Saxony has a lot to offer tourists on two and four wheels, as well as those who prefer to explore the world on foot.

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