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Pula is the largest city on the Istrian peninsula and one of the most popular (especially among Polish tourists) Croatian resorts. In the distant past, it had a significant military and trade importance in the Mediterranean basin - not only was it one of the strategically important Roman cities, it was also one of the most beautiful. Its position was overthrown only by Venice with its dynamically developing port.

More Roman than Rome

Pula has a well-deserved reputation as an exceptionally beautiful city, not only in the northern part of Croatia, but throughout the country. It is called Croatian Rome because of its location on seven hills, and also because of its greatest attraction - the historic amphitheater. It is the third largest facility of this type in the world (after the Colosseum and Arena in Nîmes, France). Interestingly, the marble building has survived to this day in much better condition than the Roman monument. There is a large parking lot right next to it - if you are planning a trip to Croatia by car, it is best to park it in Pula.

Pool panorama

In the immediate vicinity, on the other side of the parking lot, we will see the passenger port (ships depart from it, among others, to Venice), right next to it there is another attraction - the yacht marina. Pula is beautifully situated on the bay surrounding numerous islets in a gentle curve. In addition to swimming in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea, tourists enjoy walking. Especially since it is favored by the Mediterranean climate of the resort.

Visiting Pula

Lovers of lounging on the sand may feel a bit disappointed in Pula. There are practically no beaches in the city center, due to the shipbuilding industry and the ferry port, and the existing ones are not a very tasty morsel for tourists. It is completely different in the suburbs - the beaches there are crowded, especially during the holidays. Those who would like to avoid the crowds or to get an even tan (read naked sunbathing) can hide in one of the rocky coves in the eastern part of the suburbs. The water in these quiet corners of the peninsula is joyfully blue and transparent, and the Mediterranean flora that abundantly grows on the shore adds charm to them. Tourists who prioritize relaxation and a peaceful vacation will be happy in Pula . Those who want to enjoy the pleasures typical of a stay in a seaside resort, such as a walk along the promenade along which there are a number of stalls and shops, will be no less satisfied. Walking along the promenade, we will reach the old part of the city, where guests can enjoy cafes, restaurants and elegant boutiques. On the corner of Sergijevaca Street and Giardini Square is another attraction that makes Pula associated with the Eternal City - the Golden Gate, or Arch of the Sergius. In summer, tourists sit down on the stairs by the arch, resting in the break between sightseeing.

Camping in Pula

Camping Brioni

There is no shortage of accommodation on the Istrian peninsula - tourists will find accommodation for every budget, depending on the needs and thickness of the wallet. Several campsites are located near Pula, so people who want to relax in the bosom of nature can take advantage of their offer. One of such facilities is Camping Brioni , inviting you to the hostel and places in cabins and pitches for campers. Guests can take a guided tour of the Brijuni archipelago (14 islets on which a national park was established in 1983), or visit the nearby fishing village of Fažana. There are family restaurants serving a variety of fish dishes. At the campsite itself, tourists have access to fresh fruit and vegetables, they can stock up on the supermarket, use the internet corner and the restaurant and two bars (plus beach bars). Of course, these are not all the amenities offered by the property. Sleep in the fresh air, saturated with the scent of pine trees, with the sound of the sea in the background - this is Croatia with all its charm.

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