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Rovinj, situated on the west coast of Istria, is a town famous for its picturesque location on a small hill. Everyone likes it - both wine lovers and naturists. This is Rovinj, one of the most beautiful cities in northern Croatia.

If a place is called by many Croatian Saint-Tropez, it must be unique. Rovinj has been competing with other resorts of the country for years, proudly competing with even the most popular ones - Zagreb and Split. It owes its fame to several factors, ranging from the taste of wines produced in the surrounding vineyards, through the atmosphere of a city adored by artists, and ending with the most important - the beauty of its landscapes.

The pearl of the northern part of Croatia

Due to its location, Rovinj is very popular among our countrymen. From the south of Poland, you can get to it in about 12 hours - all you need is good organization and a bit of self-denial to enjoy your stay in one of the most beautiful Croatian towns on the same day you passed the borders of your own country.

The resort used to be a Roman settlement in the past. You can feel the atmosphere of the Mediterranean port in it, and the city itself is picturesquely situated on a low hill topped by the church of St. Euphemia . You can see not so much the temple, but the adjacent 60-meter tower - the twin sister of the tower of the Venetian church of St. Mark. At its top there is a rotating figure of the patron, made of copper. It is said that on a given day, St. Euphemia looks towards the sea, it will be warm and sunny.

Rovinj - the atmosphere of old times

Volunteers can easily get from Trg Maršala Tita , the yacht port, to the nearby islands. The center of the port is a fountain, and a characteristic point is the clock tower, under which there is a relief with a lion of St. Mark. Those who prefer to stay on land can take a walk along the coastal passage or enter the tangle of cobbled streets running between tenement houses with red roofs. During the day it is relatively quiet, but at night the town comes to life, filling up with tourists.

Even in the 18th century, the old town of Rovinj was situated on an island. In 1763 they were connected with the suburb, filling the strait. To this day, only the remains of the defensive walls have survived, while three of the seven city gates have remained. In the place of one of them there is a baroque Balbi's Triumphal Arch , decorated with the image of a Venetian lion. Passing under it, you will reach Grisija Street, where you can see the works of local artists arranged along the stairs. Probably no other place in Rovinj has this feeling of being in the past.

During the walk, it is also worth seeing the 13th-century baptistery - the oldest building in the city, standing at the end of Karera Street.

Campsites in Rovinj

Just 3 km north of Rovinj is Amarin Camping , offering guests peace and quiet, the immediate vicinity of the Adriatic Sea and great views of the Old Town. The accommodation of an adult costs from 4.50 to 9.40 euros, and for a parking space we will pay up to 7 to 17 euros.

If someone is more comfortable with the other side of Rovinj, he can stop at Campsite Polari , located approx. 2 km south-east of the city center. A day of stay costs 5.40-10.90 euro, while a parking space for a motorhome - from 7 to 21.50 euro. Like the previous campsite, electricity is included in the price, you can also bring your dog here.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Rovinj is famous for one more thing. In the vicinity of the city, there is the Valalta naturist campsite, one of the world's best. For lovers of sunbathing in the costume of Adam, a comprehensive offer has been prepared - they have at their disposal not only houses, bungalows and apartments, but also volleyball courts and a small swimming pool, SPA center and shops. They can go on a special cruise or go to a concert. Beaches and green areas along the sea await them.

The water here is clear and has a beautiful azure color, and the fauna and flora are exceptionally rich. Regardless of whether we love naturism or the jagged coast of Istria, we will rest in Rovinj like nowhere else.

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