Cycling holiday at the Bi Village Holiday Center

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Active vacation enthusiasts will not be bored if they choose Istria for their vacation. The Croatian peninsula is distinguished by a varied terrain, which is appreciated by fans of hiking and biking. Today we will look at the proposals for the latter group of tourists. We will check what one Istrian campsite has prepared for cyclists. Welcome to the Bi Village Holiday Center!

Active vacation in Croatia

Cycling holiday at the Bi Village Holiday Center – image 1

The center is located near the picturesque town of Fazana. It is approximately 7 km from the popular peninsula resort of Pula. It is located on the south-west coast and the Brijuni islands are perfectly visible from its area. This part of Istria enjoys unflagging popularity among enthusiasts of water sports. Swimming, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing or diving - it tastes like nowhere else.

For over two decades, Bi Village Holiday Center has been attracting enthusiasts of active leisure, tempting them with both its location and attractions. The cleanliness of the beaches and water confirms the status of the Blue Flag. It guarantees that, regardless of the preferred mode of activity, every guest of the campsite will be satisfied. Whether you plan to spend a vacation on a sun lounger or indulge in your passions, you have a clean, well-kept area at your disposal.

In addition to water-related entertainment, the facility offers sports fields for holidaymakers. Among other things, there are 2 football fields, covered with synthetic grass, volleyball and basketball courts, as well as 2 tennis courts.

Istria on two wheels

The Bi Village Holiday Center is a magnet for cycling enthusiasts. It should be emphasized that the entire peninsula has a lot to offer them. The bicycle routes are varied in length and have different levels of difficulty. There will be something for people with moderate fitness who like to go on a trip from time to time. There are also routes for more demanding cyclists. Those interested have a large selection of routes running in the vicinity of Istrian monuments. There are also paths away from cities, surrounded by untouched nature.

Is it enough to choose the attractions you want to know and arrange the order of bicycle trips? Not completely. You must also remember that on the peninsula you can find routes of various surfaces. They are covered with sand, gravel and asphalt. In addition, Istria is crossed by challenging downhill routes. Not every bike will work on a trail full of protruding roots or stones. When planning to explore the area, you must remember about the capabilities of your equipment. And here we go smoothly to the main part of the article, i.e. the facilities offered by the resort.

Bi Village Holiday Center - offer for cyclists

Camping is slowly but steadily climbing to the top of the list of leaders in the sports event segment. Among other things, he organizes football tournaments and has recently been working on a project devoted to diving. It is involved in a number of sports campaigns, and intensively expands its offer in this area.

If you are looking for a holiday destination with all amenities for cyclists, Bi Village Holiday Center is the right campsite. Moreover, it is the main sponsor of the "South on two wheels" sports event. The event takes place in various cities in southern Istria, such as Fazana, Medulin, Vodnjan, Šišan, Marčana and Pula. The organizers encourage the participation of people of all ages, including families with children. The length of the individual routes ranges from 20 to 25 km. Even those who do not have much experience in cycling can beat them. They are not technically demanding. After each trip, participants receive refreshments.

You can go on a guided tour or on your own. Receive a handful of useful route tips, if desired, and more. The facility provides cyclists with a new service point where they can repair minor faults (there is a detailed instruction manual). You will also find washing accessories and storage space for bicycles.

I don't think anyone is surprised why Bi Village is so popular among sports enthusiasts, including cyclists. However, do not delete it if you prefer blissful relaxation. It is a campsite for everyone who wants to relax in a beautiful place. Just.


Cycling holiday at the Bi Village Holiday Center – image 1
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