Emilia Romagna - the unforgettable taste of Italy

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Emilia Romagna is the largest and richest region of Italy, it attracts tourists with many monuments and other attractions. The area is very diverse - it includes the mountain peaks of the Apennines, as well as the coast of the Ligurian Sea. Emilia Romagna is also famous for its delicious regional products such as great wines, ham, cheese and vinegar. The capital of this region is Bologna, known for its many monuments, as well as the Ferrari museum and factory.

Emilia Romagna is considered one of the most fertile agricultural areas in Italy. This is influenced by the topography. Most of this area is covered by the plains of the Po plain , surrounded by Tuscan forests to the north and mountains to the south. The fertile soil of the region translates into the best pasta, dairy products and excellent meats and herbs in Italy .

Leisure in the Emilia Romagna region

When going to Italy and planning a holiday in the Emilia Romagna region, it is worth choosing a place located by the sea, from where we will be able to explore the entire region. This is possible thanks to the luxurious Camping Rubicone located in Savignano Mare. This resort is highly appreciated by guests for its cleanliness, extraordinary attractions and comfortable equipment.

The campsite offers comfortable holiday homes , equipped with a kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom and patio. Plots with sanitary and electricity connections are also available. Right next to the entrance gate to the resort you will also find comfortable apartments in the residence Le Torrette.


Camping Rubicone offers a lot of entertainment and activities. First of all, it has access to its own guarded beach , and additionally there is a swimming pool with a jacuzzi and a fountain, and a separate children's pool. Activities are organized for the little ones in the mini club, there is also a playground. On the other hand, young people can take advantage of sports activities , and in the evening have fun at discos organized in the center.


Already at Camp Rubicone you can come across the unforgettable flavors of Italy. In local restaurants , pizzerias and bars overlooking the sea, we can order delicious regional cuisine , Italian pizza, and we can pour it all with delicious, local wine of the best quality.

A trip to Bologna

While relaxing in the Emilia Romagna region, it is worth taking a trip to the capital of the region - Bologna . It is a city of students - famous above all for the first university in Europe. However, its showcase is also soaring, medieval towers and delicious cuisine .

You must start your tour of the city from the main square - Piazza Maggiore , where the Palazzo Comunale , now the city museum, is located. At the square, we can also see the most important, and at the same time the largest church of Bologna - the San Petronio Cathedral , which began to be built in 1390.


Right next to Piazza Maggiore is Piazza Nettuno , where the Neptune Fountain is located, made by Giambologna - a sixteenth-century Bologna artist. When wandering around Bologna, we must see the symbol of the city, that is, the tall, thin and tilted medieval towers that were built over 900 years ago.

Bologna and its surroundings are also famous for its automotive museums . The Ducati Museum, the Lamborghini Museum in Ferrara and the Ferrari Museum in Maranello are worth visiting.


When visiting Bologna, you should taste its culinary specialties, which include delicious pastes with meat, tomatoes and parmesan cheese, lasagna with a unique flavor, and gramigna - noodles with a characteristic, twisted shape. This city is also a kingdom of aromatic coffee and ice cream .

Emilia Romagna on a plate

An important place in the cuisine of the Emilia Romagna region is occupied by pastas , which are made by hand until they reach the perfect consistency. A classic dish is tagliatelle con ragù , or regional pasta with meat sauce. The pasta is also served with other side dishes, such as vegetables.

Various types of pancakes are popular there, until recently still fried in lard, which is now being replaced with olive oil. They are served with cracklings, ham or sausage.


The Emilia Romagna region produces traditional pork cold cuts , including the most famous Italian Parma ham - Prosciutto di Parma , which is protected by the DOP mark, as is Culatello di Libello - boneless ham. Another Bolognese meat delicacy is Mortadella , protected by the proprietary IGP mark.

Emilia Romagna also offers cakes, cakes, sweet ravioli and tortelli, dry sparkling wines and the noblest vinegar in the world - Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale .

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