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Vrsar is a charming Croatian town in Istria, between the resorts of Poreč and Rovinj. Many have fallen in love with the atmosphere of a fishing village, the crisp breeze from the Adriatic Sea and the relaxing landscapes that can be admired from the top of the hill. There are a dozen or so tiny islets around, enjoying the greenery, and between them motorboats and yachts, sailboats and small ships glide every now and then. It is also beautiful in the town itself. One walk is enough to appreciate the beauty of romantic alleys and quiet streets, which - if they could - would tell many interesting stories.

Walk through Vrsar

Vrsar is divided into two parts: the old one, towering over the city, and the newer one, located on the coast, with a marina. At the top of the hill there are the remains of the former castle and the church of St. Martin, the main temple of the city. Although the building was built in the 20th century, it stands on the market square, where the parish church probably stood in the 12th century. A new temple was planned to be built at the beginning of the 19th century, but the turmoil in history prevented it. Actions were taken only before the Second World War. There are several old churches in Vrsara, they can be found in a tangle of atmospheric streets, as well as by the port (Basilica romanica di Santa Maria del mare). When visiting Vrsar, it is worth taking a look at the colorful houses surrounding the tiny square. Besides, the whole town is quite colorful, which makes exploring the next places a real pleasure for the eyes. However, for centuries Vrsar was famous not for its beauty but for the stone, which was extracted from local quarries. It served, inter alia, for the construction of many Italian houses. During a holiday in Veneto, we will see many mansions made of Istrian stone. Today, we can visit abandoned quarries, including Montraker, located on a small hill near the marina. By the way, we will see a beautiful panorama of the old town.

Active recreation in Istria

If, when planning a vacation in Croatia , we take into account the west coast of Istria, a visit to Vrsar will probably be one of the points of our vacation plan. It is an attractive destination both for tourists who want to rest, devote themselves to sunbathing and blissful relaxation or unhurried walks along the walking paths, as well as those who prefer active leisure. The latter have a very large selection of leisure activities, from cycling, through catching adrenaline in the air (paragliding, parachuting), and ending with a wide range of water sports such as swimming, diving, sailing, canoeing etc. The uninhabited islets surrounding the town are tiny enclaves with a rich flora and fauna. Just being in their vicinity (watching from a sailboat or yacht) will relax vacationers who love peace and quiet and contact with nature. In a word, whatever form of recreation you choose, a stay in this region of Istria is a guarantee of a successful holiday. When it comes to sunbathing, it is impossible to ignore the issue attractive to many people - the area of Vrsar is a very popular area among people who value not only an even tan, but also complete freedom of relaxation. We are talking about naturists who come here from all over the continent, attracted by the rich infrastructure fully adapted to their needs.

Camping in Vrsar

South of the city (approx. 2 km) lies Camping Koversada , where sunbathing lovers without clothes will feel at home. It is one of the oldest facilities of this type in Europe - it was built in 1961. It offers access to beautiful sandy beaches (Blue Flag) and the possibility of practicing a wide range of sports, from tennis to basketball. It tempts with rich cuisine, in which we can find fish dishes straight from the Limska Bay, pizza from a wood-fired oven or dishes for vegetarians. The camping is adapted to the needs of disabled people. In addition, it is pet-friendly - it offers beaches where you can stay with your dog. It is visited by guests from different countries, singles, lovers and families with children (beaches for children).

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