In the shade of Brijuni - a vacation at the Bi Village Holiday Center

In the shade of Brijuni - a vacation at the Bi Village Holiday Center – main image

When planning a vacation in Istria , we can imagine crystal clear water, sun overhead and green vegetation in the background. Kilometers of beaches with the Blue Flag status and a huge accommodation base are the main but not the only advantages of the region. Every year, thousands of people spend their holidays in Istria , but not all plan just blissful relaxation on a blanket or a deckchair. Tourists are also attracted by the rich history, even richer fauna and flora as well as extensive infrastructure aimed especially at families with children. Many of these people visit the vicinity of Pula and, by the way, go on a trip to the Brijuni National Park (Brijuni Islands). Find out what they are tempted by the archipelago of 14 islands, of which the two largest, Veli Brijun and Mali Brijun, are available to visitors.

Brijuni National Park - how to get here?

The park stretches approximately 13 km northwest of Pula. If you would like to see it, we recommend choosing one of the numerous tourist facilities located in the vicinity of the resort, such as camping Bi Village Holiday Center . It is less than 8 km from the city (going north). Depending on your preferences, you can rent a luxury cottage or a campsite or tent at the campground.

The location of the campsite provides its guests with easy access to the greatest attractions of the area. To reach Brijuni, all you have to do is travel a distance of 1.5 km and take the ferry, which runs regularly to the park. The port is located in a town called Fažana, and the whole journey takes about a quarter of an hour. The ferry runs 10 times a day in summer and 4 times a day in low season. The cost of the ticket varies between 125-210 kuna.

A trip to the Brijuni Islands - why is it worth it?

The islets that make up the archipelago are beautiful, covered with Mediterranean macchia and full of life. It is also an area rich in fascinating remnants of old times. A trip to the park will be an inspiring event for any history buff.

The oldest traces of existence in this area date back tens of millions of years. Older and younger fans of dinosaurs will come across abundant evidence of the presence of these majestic animals - they are visible on the surrounding rocks. The Romans also left not so distant in time but no less fascinating traces. The park's attractions include villas and other Roman buildings. The most impressive of the villas is located in Verige Bay, and apart from it, you can see the ruins of temples and thermal baths.

There is a place for early Christian culture in the Brijuni Islands. In the western part of Brijuni, tourists will see the fortress of Kastrum and the Church of St. Maria. There were also secular attractions - Josip Broz Tito, the leader of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, had his residence here. It was on the island that he met with famous personalities, incl. with presidents or famous actors.

In addition to the monuments, the Brijuni National Park delights with the richness of nature. You can see almost 700 species of plants and animals, including 250 species of birds. Centennial trees, mainly olive and oaks, grow here. In addition, the Brijuni Islands are home to a huge number of peacocks, deer and hares.

Active recreation in the Brijuni National Park

Both islands, which are accessible to tourists, can be visited on their own or with a guide. It will bring those interested to the history of the archipelago and show the most interesting places. Those who prefer to explore new places on their own can rent a bike and explore the area on two wheels. The bicycle paths crossing the park are almost 24 km long in total. In turn, on hot days, it is worth visiting one of the beaches, mostly wild.

On the islands, it will also appeal to the youngest. Back in the times of Tito, the Safari Park was established here, in which animals from all over the world were placed. There is an Etno zone in it, where only species from Istria live.

It cannot be denied that the Brijuni Islands offer many attractions.

Camping in Croatia - Bi Village Holiday Center

If you are planning a vacation in this part of Croatia , stay at Bi Village Holiday Center and visit the archipelago. You will be charmed! You can find many more campsites in Istria and campsites in Croatia in general in our campsite search engine.

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