Geilo - the most popular ski resort in Norway

Geilo - the most popular ski resort in Norway – main image

Located in the charming valley of Hallingdal, Geilo will appeal primarily to families with children, although enthusiasts of exhausting downhill slopes will not be disappointed. It's really worth coming here.

Norway is famous for the beauty of its fjords and the taste of delicious salmon. When it comes to ski resorts, they are not known enough to tempt tourists as much as Austrian or Swiss resorts. However, this does not mean that they can be accused of anything. On the contrary - they are very well equipped, have modern lifts, and the raw beauty of the Norwegian peaks, at whose feet they lie, gives them an amazing climate. This is what Geilo is like, maybe not the largest, but certainly the most popular ski resort in Norway.

Geilo - offer for skiers

Geilo is a small town with just a few shops and amenities, and the region is a winter paradise for the whole family . You can practice alpine and cross-country skiing here, as well as have fun on a snowboard. You can ride the routes during the day and in the evenings - they are very well lit.

There are several tiny ski resorts in the area which together form the so-called Geilo Skiheiser , offering skiers 39 slopes served by 20 lifts. The length of all routes is 33 km. In one of the resorts, Geilolia, there is Trollklubben Kindergarden, and in Geilo Taubane - a snow park for beginners and advanced.

Ski pass prices in the season 2013/2014

The prices of the passes are as follows: a 1-day pass for an adult costs NOK 380, and for children and seniors - NOK 285. Ski enthusiasts interested in using the slopes throughout the season will have to pay NOK 4 750. In the case of a child ticket, the price is NOK 3,550.

In addition to the slopes and great slopes, guests of the resort can enjoy a wide range of entertainment offered by the resort. Among others, it is becoming more and more popular. speedflying , or skiing with a parachute. Other attractions include ice fishing, snowshoe walks and a dog sled ride.

The moon decides the time and the weather decides the music

Skiers to the valley are drawn to the snow lying on the slopes, and the lure for lovers of art and magic is ice. If someone has missed one of the most beautiful events taking place in Geilo, they have to wait for it until next year. I am talking about the IceMusic Festival , a cyclical event that takes place during the first full moon of the year. In 2014, it fell on January 16.

It is worth devoting a few words to the festival because it is unique in every respect. It takes place at Lake Geilotjødnet in Kikut, 4 km south of Geilo. Everything used during the event is made of ice, from the instruments to the rooms. For the concerts to delight the audience, the right atmosphere is essential. The quality of the ice depends on the weather conditions, just like the wine - sour from a cool and rainy vintage, and sweet, made in a summer full of sunshine. The sound that comes out of the icy instruments varies depending on the temperature, so each concert is a unique experience. The magic of the festival depends on its dependence on nature - as the organizers themselves say, the moon determines its time, and the weather determines the music.

The charms of Norway

If someone has been tempted to go to Geilo, and plans to go to Norway with a motorhome, he can stop at Øen Turistsenter & Geilo Vandrerhjem . This is a large campsite located on the outskirts of the town. Two people will spend the night on it for 240 NOK - the price includes Wi-Fi, use of showers, toilets and kitchen, as well as a sauna. Access to electricity costs NOK 30 per day.

Norway can charm you - everyone will confirm it after a holiday in Geilo.

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