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Holidays in the Cretan resort of Rethymno involve long walks along the seaside promenade, admiring the panorama of the city from the Venetian fortress and palaces with decorated portals.

The largest Greek island, Crete, is home to several beautiful cities that attract thousands of tourists each year seeking sun and relaxing on loose sand. The landscape is made up of wide beaches and rocky shores, and the coastline is an impressive 1,040 km.

One of the must-see towns on the island is Rethymno (Rethymnon), a tourist resort with a 13 km long beach stretching almost from the center. It is situated on the north coast, halfway between Heraklion and Chania. He settled on a small cape, hugging from the south side to the low mountains.

Willing to vacation in the resort can come to Crete by plane - there are two airports on the island. It is also easy to reach Rethymno directly by ferry, departing from the port of Piraeus. When wandering in this way, you can take your own vehicle with you and drive it around the island. The cost of transporting a motorhome on the ferry is about PLN 900.

Rethymno Festivals

Rethymno is very popular with tourists, which is why it is not surprising that its coast is dotted with hotels. Vacationers come here from all over the world to relax on a sandy beach, and in the afternoon wander the narrow streets of the old town for hours. The resort attracts guests with its wonderful architecture and amazing atmosphere. It is especially attractive for tourists during the Renaissance Festival , when classical music concerts, theater performances and exhibitions of photography and painting take place. During this period, the city gives the impression that it has moved back several hundred years in time - on the streets you can see, among others, knights on horseback.

The July Wine Festival is also a great attraction of Rethymno. During the big event in the city park, folklore performances and tasting of Cretan liquors take place, in which both residents and tourists take part. In the evening, guests can enjoy taverns, cafes and numerous clubs where you can dance with friends.

It is also impossible to miss the carnival with fancy dress, street processions and masked balls straight from Venice. It takes place one week before Lent.

Between the streets of the old town

Among the numerous monuments of Rethymno, the prominent place is occupied by a huge Venetian fortress , towering over the city from the 16th century. Most of the theater performances during the Renaissance Festival take place there. In the past, it was intended to defend against attacks by Turks and pirates, creating a city within a city. It offers a wonderful view of the entire resort and the coast. In the immediate vicinity of the fortress there is a former city prison, which is now the seat of the Archaeological Museum.

Leaving the museum and heading south, we will reach the old part of the city. The Rimondi Fountain takes a central place in it, around which there are many restaurants and cozy cafes. You can sit there over a cup of aromatic espresso and gain energy for further walks.

The Venetian port is a must-see. There are charming houses with pastel facades and numerous taverns serving fresh fish. Fishing boats and small colorful boats moor here, and the old lantern at the end of the quay adds to the picturesque scenery.

Overnight under Greek stars

After a day of exploring Rethymno, you can head to Camping Elizabeth , located approximately 4.5 kilometers east of the city. The accommodation for an adult costs from 6.10 to 7.50 euro, while the fee for a seat for a vehicle is 6.80-8.30 euro per day. Campsite guests can use the free internet.

Refreshed, we can move on to meet the attractions of Crete. Knossos and the charming Chania await us, considered by many to be the most beautiful city on the island.

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