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For someone who cannot imagine a vacation other than in nature, Slovenia has a lot to offer. For such a small country, it hides a lot of picturesque places, from majestic mountains through lakes to green meadows. The areas smell like coniferous forest and fertile soil. Colorful folklore, excellent cuisine and friendly people. When we visit the north-west part of this small country, we will discover a unique point on its map - the town of Bled, which lies on the lake bearing the same name.

Slovenia in a nutshell

In fine weather, the sun brings out a beautiful green-blue shade from the lake's waters. The surroundings of mountain peaks, with a cap of snow crowning them, also add to their beauty. A large tourist complex, Camping Bled , is located in this charming setting. The location on the shores of the reservoir, at the foot of the Julian Alps, attracts crowds of amateurs of recreation in nature every year. The campsite offers accommodation in cabins, and it is also possible to rent a tent, caravan or motorhome pitch.


The location is one of the greatest advantages of the facility. In addition to the daily admiration of the surface of Bled and the mountains, guests can enjoy the green stretches around them. Camping Bled is situated on the edge of the Triglav National Park , the only one in Slovenia that is under strict protection. Everything that nature lovers love (mountains, forests and water) can be found in one place. As for the beach, the area adjacent to the campground is covered with grass and the entrance to the water is rocky. It's best to remember to bring your water shoes. You can swim almost along the entire length of the reservoir, and the water encourages you to swim with its crystal clearness and temperature. Thermal springs are an additional advantage - tourists relaxing on the campsite willingly take advantage of their beneficial effects.

Rest by the lake

As you can see, Camping Bled is the perfect place for people who want to spend their holidays in Slovenia enjoying its nature. Here, they can blissfully relax on the shore, and also use the time to wander around the area. The campsite offers a wide range of excursions, both guided hiking and cycling. The most beautiful of the trails is, of course, the trail that goes around the lake. You can also admire the landscapes from above, during the balloon flight. People who prefer water entertainment can focus on fishing, canoeing or rowing.


We will also get to know the beauty of Bled from a boat - a great option not only for owners of a romantic nature. The boat can be rented by yourself or you can choose a traditional boat called pletna, led by a rowing man in a colorful outfit. We will reach Blejski otok , an island in the middle of the lake, and there we will get to know a local attraction - the pilgrimage church of the Virgin Mary. When you are there, it is worth remembering about the wish-bell. It is enough to make a wish and call, and then ... all that remains is to wait for it to come true.

Everything is close to the campground. Vacationers can walk around the area and explore the mountain trails, as well as go to the town. It is worth at least for one purpose - to try the local cream cakes. At the campground, you can easily get fresh bread, for gourmets there is a restaurant with an extensive menu and a snack bar.


Family vacation on the shores of Bled

Every holidaymaker will be satisfied with the choice of this place, but you can probably say that it will be the best choice for families with children. Workshops and a number of animations are organized for small guests, there is a mini club, there is also a playground and a mini zoo. Adults have at their disposal a recreation area (you can play, among others, beach volleyball, basketball or table tennis) and a spa area, where they can relax after a day of intensive sightseeing.

Campsite guests praise the friendly service , spacious plots and numerous and well-kept bathrooms. The facility is pet-friendly. Wi-Fi can be freely used in the entire area, moreover, the plots have access to electricity.

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