If you fall in love, it's only in Istria

If you fall in love, it's only in Istria – main image

As they say, you never know where you will meet the love of your life. However, it is difficult to find a more romantic scenery than the sea shore. Common walks on the beach, admiring the sun hiding behind the horizon, the sound of the waves and the singing of birds ... Many people will smile blissfully at the very thought of finding themselves in such a place - especially with their loved one.

If you are one of the dreamers for whom staying together means relaxing by the sea , think about coming to the coast of Istria. There is a large campsite with plenty of attractions waiting for you. Visit Bi Village, located in the north of Croatia, directly on the Adriatic Sea.

Relax on the seashore


The aforementioned camping has numerous advantages, and the biggest one is its location. On the one hand, it is close to the sea, which gives it a romantic ambience and provides guests with quick access to dating sites. On the other hand, it is a great base for exploring the area. The main resort of the region, Pula, is a few kilometers away, and the center of the picturesque town of Fažana is within walking distance. During your stay, it is really worth getting to know them. It is relatively small, but very nice, especially the old part. There are coastal boulevards along it, there is also a port and breakwaters. Tourists love to walk on them, mainly for two reasons: beautiful views and no pier.

In the village, you can see the influence of architecture characteristic of the buildings of Venice and Rome. However, tourists undoubtedly like Fažana's beaches most, which are exceptionally beautiful, albeit pebbly. One, the most famous, is located in the old part of the resort, the rest are in the suburbs. They are not so crowded, which makes them ideal for hiking as a couple and enjoying your presence. Some of them are located right next to the forest, so it is easier to find a secluded place there for a picnic or even a short rest on a blanket.

A dream overlooking the sea


As befits a popular seaside resort, Bi Village Holiday Center offers guests a wide range of accommodation. Visitors can stay on a plot, in a mobile home, bungalow, as well as in a room or apartment. Two tourists will be delighted with the rest at the campground, especially when they decide on the last option. If you dream about waking up and falling asleep with the sound of the sea in the background, surrounded by nature, with a hint of pine needles in the air, book the Beach Room . You can welcome each day on the terrace and enjoy the views.

A similar standard is provided to the guests by Mobile Home Suite Beach. In addition, the cottage has its own garden, where you can lie on the sun loungers, looking at the water. In turn, those who want to spend time together, but do not mind sports activities or participation in animations, can choose Studio Sky Room. It is located at the most lively and lively point of the campground, so you will be close to many attractions. A swimming pool complex, various types of shows, zumba classes, fitness, the possibility of playing tennis, football or renting a kayak - these and a number of other options are waiting for you here, on site.

Istria for lovers

Tourists who decide to stay at this campground most often praise it for its numerous amenities and attractions for children. There is no doubt that it is an excellent facility for children, adapted to the needs of families with little ones. Nevertheless, it has a lot to offer to other groups of vacationers, including couples.

Among other things, lovers can dine in three restaurants . If you plan to get to know as many regional flavors as possible, in addition to the premises on the campsite, also visit the points in Fažana. Just a walk to the town along the promenade will put you in a positive mood for the whole day. The resort's restaurants are located right by the sea, clustered around charming old tenement houses. In the evenings, you can fall in love with the atmosphere of the town, especially around the port. Add to this ear-pleasing live music, delicious food made with fresh ingredients from local suppliers and a glass of regional wine. A loved one is sitting with you at the table. Do you need more to be happy?

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