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Istria smells of olives and vines. The beautiful Croatian peninsula is visited by thousands of tourists each year, and the local hotels and guesthouses can accommodate over 100,000 people.

The lagoons of Istria tempt with the blue and clean water, the beaches invite you to sunbathe, and the pine trees on the shore to relax in the shade. It is the pine trees, specifically the 70-kilometer stretch covered with pine trees, that the area owes its name to - the Pinia Coast.

Istria is the largest Croatian peninsula. Its shape resembles a heart, and the name comes from the Illyrian tribe that inhabited these areas for the first time. Many remnants of a turbulent history have survived to the present day. Tourists can see, among others historic urban buildings, numerous sacred buildings (including basilicas), as well as ancient buildings such as the amphitheater in Pula.

The wealth of Istria

The peninsula is an ideal holiday destination. The weather is good here all year round, so you can plan your vacation practically in the dark. There are about 300 sunny days a year. The local resorts are not as crowded as, for example, in Dubrovnik or other centers of southern Croatia, so you can relax. Families with children come here most often, there are also couples in love.

Visitors are especially delighted with the beaches of Istria . One of the most beautiful is the beach in Rabac, and the southernmost part of the peninsula, which is around Cape Kamenjak, is also very popular.

Amateurs of long walks and contact with nature will be delighted to stay in Istria. They will especially like the Brijuni Islands National Park , once inaccessible to ordinary mortals due to the fact that Tito himself, the president of the former Yugoslavia, had his summer house there. Currently, you can visit two islands: Veliki Brijun and Mali Brijun. In the northern part of Veliki Brijun there is a safari park with an area of over 9 hectares. It is inhabited by leopards, zebras, elephants and giraffes.

A big attraction and at the same time a curiosity of the archipelago is Hum - the smallest city in the world. It has the official status of a city, despite the fact that at one time only a dozen or so people lived there.

Istria is flowing with wine

Istria is famous for its delicious wine, sold as part of a family business, and the peninsula's inhabitants themselves often visit the vineyards to replenish their supplies. Tourists wishing to taste the different flavors of Bacchus should come here in May. On the first Sunday of the month there is Wine Day , during which you can visit around 60 cellars in Vodnjana, Buzet and Buje. The main wine routes lead to these three places.

The entire infrastructure is based on the promotion of the aromatic drink. The Regional Tourist Association has prepared a cheat sheet for wine lovers. The Wine roads of Istria guide lists the best vineyards and cellars where you can buy a bottle of wine and make a tasting first.

The dream of truffles

If you prefer tasty, though slightly expensive mushrooms to wine, you probably plan to visit Buzet . The charming Istrian town is situated on a hill and its old part is surrounded by green slopes. It is worth coming here in September, when the festival takes place, during which each of the local restaurants offers exquisite dishes with truffles.

After wandering through areas smelling of olives and pine trees, you can relax in one of the many camps in Istria . The guests are waiting, among others Camping Lanterna , located in the western part of the peninsula. For a parking space for a motorhome, we will pay from about 80 to 155 zlotys, while an adult's accommodation costs from 21 to 42 zlotys.

After gaining strength, you can move on. We can choose from a coast popular among tourists and a region located in the hinterland where no one will disturb our rest.

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