Jutland - the land of heather hills, cliffs and fjords

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Denmark is a small country located between two seas - the Baltic and the North. It is also the home of the Vikings, fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen and LEGO bricks. However, these are not the only advantages of Denmark. This small country also attracts tourists with its amazing fjord landscapes, picturesque cliffs and mysterious buildings.

Despite the fact that Denmark is not located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, it belongs to the group of countries in this region by culture, history and language. The capital of the country is Copenhagen - a picturesque city full of monuments and entertainment. Denmark's terrain is typically low-lying, the highest point is Yding Skovhøj peak, 172.5 meters high . When visiting Denmark, it is worth going on a journey on the Viking trail, visiting the oldest town of Ribe, spending time in the fairy-tale Legoland, as well as observing wild animals in parks. The Jutland part of Denmark is perfect for this.

North Jutland

70% of Denmark is situated on the Jutland Peninsula, which has been divided into three administrative regions in the Danish territory. Each of them boasts different attractions and landscapes. The northern part of Jutland lies at the junction of two seas (the Baltic Sea and the North Sea), which gives the area a rugged but picturesque landscape . The sea and fjords alternate in bays and straits, while the inland landscapes are mild with heather-covered hills .


The most interesting city in this part of Denmark is Skagen - one of the country's largest fishing ports. It is worth seeing there, among others Church Under the Sand (Den Tilsandede Kirke) dedicated to St. Lawrence, built in 1375. Since the 16th century, the building has been slowly but steadily covered with sand from the pressing dunes, hence the name of the temple. In Skagen we can also see the lighthouse and several museums, incl. Skagens Museum and Michael og Anna Anchers Hus .

Central Jutland

Central Jutland is often divided into eastern and western parts . The first one owes its charm to sandy beaches and dunes covered with roses . In this part of Jutland there are many attractive cities, incl. picturesque Silkeborg with one of the highest elevations in Denmark - Himmelbjerget , 147 m above sea level, the city of roses Mariager and Djurs , with an amusement park and Sommarland Aquapark.

If we have already come to Silkeborg, it is worth to rest there for a few days. Camping Skyttehusets is ideal for this. This charming place is appreciated by guests not only for its attractive and intimate location, but also for friendly service, cleanliness and delicious food. The campsite offers comfortably furnished holiday homes with a kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom and patio perfect for relaxation. You can also use plots with sanitary and electricity connections.


Camping Skyttehusets is a perfect place for a family holiday , it provides many attractions and entertainment. The nearby lake is conducive to water sports and active leisure. You can go canoeing, fishing or pedal boats there. There are also many picturesque bicycle routes , not very demanding, and therefore ideal for the whole family.


At the campsite, children can enjoy the playground , trampoline or play mini golf. In the local restaurant , guests have the opportunity to try dishes beloved by the Danes, such as frikadelle (pork meatballs with potatoes, pickled cucumber and thick sauce) and smorrebrød (sandwich with additives considered the national dish of Denmark). On the other hand, it is worth ordering beer in the bar - the most famous Danish brands of this drink are Carlsberg, Tuborg, Faxe, Porse Guld and Limfjords Porter.


It is also worth visiting the western part of Central Jutland . It is an ideal place for sun lovers, windsurfing and golf enthusiasts and people who like hiking in the bosom of nature. Endless sandy beaches along the shores and fjords are perfect places to relax.

The largest city in the region is Esbjerg , famous for its own dish - bakskuld fish (lightly salted, smoked flounder) and the "People by the Sea" monument. There you can also visit the Esbjerg Museum with its amber collection.

South Jutland

South Jutland is a part of the peninsula that lies within the administrative boundaries of the South Denmark region. We find a very diverse landscape there. Part of the west coast is flat Żuławy, while in the north you will find wonderful fjords. The biggest and most famous attractions of this area are Legoland and the Park of Lions in Givskud .

In this part of Jutland, we can also find the Viking city - Ribe , considered the oldest and most beautiful town in Denmark. It is worth seeing the monumental cathedral from the 12th century, where Danish rulers were crowned, and Denmark's oldest town hall from 1496.

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