Konigssee Lake - the jewel of the Bavarian Alps

Konigssee Lake - the jewel of the Bavarian Alps – main image

In the Bavarian Alps, nestled in a charming valley, hides the beautiful Royal Lake. It resembles a Scandinavian fjord, and a cruise on its waters is one of the greatest attractions of the region.

Germany has much more tourist attractions to offer than the average tourist might think. One of such gems is undoubtedly Königssee, the King's Lake, the cleanest and second deepest lake in Germany. It is located southeast of Munich, hiding its beauty in the steep slopes of the surrounding mountain peaks. Apparently, it was once very liked by Ewa Braun.

The pearl of the Alpen-Nationalpark Berchtesgaden

The King's Lake is located in the Bavarian Alps, in the center of the Berchtesgaden National Park , founded in 1978. It covers an area of 5,218 km², and its depth is over 190 meters. The picturesque body of water almost completely fills the valley between the Gotzenberg and Jenner peaks to the east and Germany's second largest peak, Watzmann, to the west.

For many people, the lake with the rock "cradle" that surrounds it resembles a Scandinavian fjord. It is especially beautiful in late spring, when the emerald water surface contrasts with the whiteness of the snow-capped mountain peaks.

"By steamboat on a beautiful cruise ..."

A cruise on a passenger ship on the waters of the lake is one of the greatest tourist attractions of the region. Visitors are delighted with a particularly beautiful, emerald color of the surface. The surrounding landscapes are also breathtaking. As Königssee is famous for its cleanliness, only electrically powered ships can sail on it. Its waters are cold even in summer because the main tributaries of the reservoir are below its surface.

The first stop is on the St. Bartholomew, on which stands the 12th-century pilgrimage church with red roof domes, which is the symbol of Königssee . Its building with its characteristic towers appears on most Bavarian postcards, it also adorns tourist folders. Since the times of Romanticism, the temple has been an inspiration for painters-landscape painters, which is not surprising, because it looks exceptionally beautiful against the background of the eastern wall of the Watzmann mountain. Its baroque interior is modeled on the plan of the Salzburg Cathedral. The second station where the ship stops is Salet, a charming corner from which you can walk to the upper lake, the Obersee.

If someone cannot or for some reason does not want to take a boat trip, he or she can get to know the area during an hour-long tourist route to the famous "painters' alley", which offers the most beautiful view of the lake - a frequent topic of "landscapes" . The hike begins at the marina.

Overnight at the national park

The area is so picturesque that many tourists decide to spend more time by the lake. For those who prefer camping overnight, instead of staying in a hotel, consider Campingplatz Grafenlehen in Schönau at Königssee . It is situated on the edge of the national park and has a beautiful lake view. An adult will pay EUR 6.90 for a night's stay, and EUR 10 for a motorhome pitch. The price includes access to showers. You can come to the campsite with a pet, which costs 2.5 euros a day.

There are restaurants and shops near the campsite. It is a child- friendly place - there are several playgrounds where children can spend their time pleasantly.

After returning from a cruise, we can stop for a while in a town located by the lake. The local restaurants serve delicious Bavarian food that is really worth tasting. With a full stomach and fresh memories of the lake view, we can move on.

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