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The French Three Valleys are the largest ski area in the world. As the name suggests, it stretches between three valleys: Des Allues (Meribel), St. Bon (La Tania, Courchevel) and Belleville (Val Thorens, St Martin de Belleville, Les Menuires). Its area is almost 10,000 ha, and the region is located in the Savoie department in south-eastern France.

The largest ski resort in France

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It all started in the 1980s, when modern spider-web-like railways stretched between Val Thorens station and the neighboring valleys of Meribel and Courchevel. Then masses of white madness lovers started arriving from all over the world and it continues to this day. Nearly 300 ski slopes with a total length of 600 km have been prepared for them, as well as over 200 ski lifts and cable cars. Every day you can face the snow on a different slope, and there will certainly be plenty of attractions. Everyone will find something for themselves - both a beginner skier who wants to learn to ski in an extremely picturesque area, and an experienced ski user who likes extreme adventures. The latter will face the most difficult slopes in Europe: "Masse" in Les Menuires, "Couloirs de la Saulire" in Courchevel and "Bouquetin" in Meribel-Mottaret. Beginners can ski without stress on the less frequented slopes between Les Menuires and Saint Martin de Belleville (La Becca, Les Granges or Saint Martin 2 chairlifts).

The phenomenon of the popularity of this resort is easy to understand - two stately glaciers, de Cheviere (3,210 m above sea level) and de Peclet (3,300 m above sea level), majestic mountains, sunny surroundings and ideal climate, as well as well-organized infrastructure and extremely practical connections between stations. And most importantly: the entire ski area is accessible after purchasing one ski pass. Approximate ski pass prices are: for one adult person 300 euros/7 days, for a child 240 euros/7 days, the price of a weekly group pass (3 people and more) is 282.70 euros/person. For a group pass for the entire season, you have to pay EUR 1,115/person, and you will also receive discounts on other attractions. A great convenience is the introduction of contactless ski pass readers, i.e. "Mains Libres" (Free Hands), throughout the entire ski area.

Ski camper in 3 valleys!

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A ski camper? Of course! You can also come to Three Valleys by camper. One of the possible places to stay overnight in a camper is a dedicated parking lot for camping vehicles in the very center of Val Thorens, in the immediate vicinity of the slopes. All the facilities we need are available on its premises, i.e. toilets, the possibility of connecting electricity, the possibility of emptying the chemical toilet and filling the tanks with clean water. The weekly cost of a camper stay in the 2022/2023 season is approximately EUR 150/vehicle. Reservations can be made online at hwww.valthoparc.fr .

The second very similar but slightly cheaper place to the one in Val Thorens is the Preyerand parking space in Les Menuires. The cost of parking in the 2022/2023 season is EUR 11/day per vehicle. Additionally, there is a fee for access to electricity (EUR 4 per 8 hours) and sanitary facilities, where you can empty the toilet. As in Val Thorens, the location is perfect and is right next to the slopes, shops and restaurants. More information can be obtained directly at https://lesmenuires.com/en/camper-van .

Ski holidays France - après ski attractions

All ski resorts in the Three Valleys attract tourists, each with something different, apart from, of course, the slopes themselves. For example, Les Menuires offers a Sports Center with a fun park for children. Adults, on the other hand, can go on a motor glider flight, ride a quad bike on a secured track or go on a dog sled ride. Guests are also welcome to visit the Aquaclub-Spa with saunas and a swimming pool, jacuzzi, solarium with relaxation and water gymnastics. In addition, those interested in cultural and spiritual experiences can visit the Sanctuary of Notre Dame de la Vie and the Church of Saint Martin de Belleville with a guide, or go to musical meetings in the Belleville Valley, where you can hear choir singing, gospel and Celtic music.

The next station, Courchevel, is said to be the most renowned of all Alpine ski stations. Fans of comfortable conditions stay here - both in the hotel and on the slope. Heated seats, monitoring on the routes and modern snowmaking await them. Freeriding enthusiasts will definitely choose the highest station in the region and Europe, Val Thorens (2,300 m above sea level). There, they will have unlimited opportunities for crazy descents on a board or skis, and there will also be a SnowPark with a halfpipe and a boardercross track (1.5 km).

In turn, Meribel attracts with the atmosphere of traditional wooden architecture. There are no stark, modern hotel complexes here. You can also rest your body and spirit in Brides les Bains, a thermal station with warm springs that stimulate the senses. Every year, thousands of spa guests come here, and skiers also like to relax by the springs after a day on the slopes. In this beautiful mountain town at the foot of the region you can relax all year round, and access to the ski slopes of the Three Valleys is provided by the famous Olympe cable car.

Three valleys, lots of routes, wonderful views - a perfect place for (not only) winter fun.

Where to go skiing with a camper, i.e. winter camping in Europe

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If you're looking for year-round camper parks or campsites, check out the map on our winter camping locator . There you will find, among others, places near ski lifts that we recommend.


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