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The coast of Veneto is full of attractions, of which the most beautiful and famous is, of course, Venice itself. Together with numerous islets, it creates a tourist region rich in wonderful landscapes in the form of a crescent lagoon.

Discover Little Venice

South of Venice is a resort called Chioggia . Due to its beauty, color and fascinating atmosphere, it is sometimes called Little Venice . It is intersected by numerous narrow streets, canals and bridges over them. Tourists who like to visit the town enjoy the atmosphere of a typical sailing town with a rich past, of which many traces remain to this day. One of them is the gate that is part of the old fortifications - Porta Garibaldi. Inside, we can see a plaque commemorating the passage of Pope Pius VII. Chioggia is distinguished by a large fish market, and there are numerous fishing shops and taverns at its marina. You can see at every step how important a role fisheries play in the lives of the inhabitants. The most important buildings of the resort are located on the Vena Canal , which is the axis of the old part of the city. Parallel to it is Corso del Popolo , the main street of the historic center, which ends at the port in a square called Piazzetta Vigo.

Holidays at the Venetian Lagoon

There are several ways to explore Chioggia and its surroundings, the most pleasant of which are, of course, the long walks along the seashore. Apart from that, it is impossible to count how many bicycle paths in the region allow you to get to know all the corners of the lagoon. Visitors willingly take advantage of the opportunity to admire it from the sea - they will get acquainted with the wonderful landscapes of the coast during a boat trip. From this perspective, you can see Torcello, Murano, Burano, Pellestrina and Choggia itself. It is worth mentioning, at least in a few words, about the southernmost part of the lagoon, which covers an area of 1000 ha. This is Sottomarina , whose southern border is marked by a river called Brenta. It was uninhabited until the second half of the 19th century. In the fourteenth century, the so-called Murazzi, protective walls whose purpose was to protect the island from flooding by the sea. Today, Sottomarina is a tempting destination for those wishing to spend a holiday by the warm Italian sea . It is a large center attractive for tourists - not only because of the beaches. The life of the inhabitants (and tourists from various countries visiting the region) is concentrated around three squares: Piazza Europa, Piazza Italia and Piazza Todaro. Attractions for families with children include Acquaparco Idrofollie with pools, numerous slides, jacuzzi, bar and rental with sun loungers and umbrellas.

Camping in Sottomarina

The number of campsites in Venice and its surroundings can make you dizzy - it would be no exaggeration to call the region a camping area. Tourists who prefer an overnight stay in the bosom of nature, and at least as close to the beaches and green as possible, will not have any problems finding the perfect place to relax. One option is Camping Oasi surrounded by greenery, located just a few km from the old part of Chioggia. It has a large private beach, two swimming pools with a slide, and basketball and football fields. You can also play beach volleyball, bowling and tennis. Delicious food can be found in one of the two bars, a restaurant serving fish dishes or a snack bar. There is a card payment option at the campsite. Thanks to the excellent transport links of the region, tourists have easy access not only to the beaches of the lagoon, but also to important cultural centers - Verona, Padua, Treviso and Vicenza. There are so many places to visit that the month-long vacation would probably be too short to see them all. This is probably a compelling argument to come back next year.

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