Margaret Island

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In the past it was called Rabbit Island, today it is known as Margaret Island. The modern name comes from the name of the daughter of the Hungarian king Bela IV, who spent most of her life in the Dominican nunnery on the island.

Margaret Island (Margit-sziget) is one of the greatest attractions of Budapest. It was loved already in the times when the Romans lived on the banks of the Danube. As we know it today, it was born in 1950. Its 'fathers' connected three smaller islands together to form a complex 2.5 km long and covering an area of 95.6 ha.

According to the legend, Bela IV vowed to give his daughter to the convent if she won the battle with the Mongols. His troops defeated the enemy, so the promise had to be fulfilled - Małgorzata went to the monastery. Father placed her as close to his seat as possible, so that he could visit her often. Looking today at the island bearing the name of the Dominican princess, it is hard to believe that the stay on it could seem to anyone to be a limitation or a closure.

The green heart of Budapest

From the south, the island is connected to the mainland by the Margaret Bridge , and from the north - by the Arpad Bridge . We can't get there by car. We can take a taxi, a tram (which will take you to the middle of the Margaret Bridge) or a bus (which will take you to the island).

Margit-sziget seems to be made for tourists, it is also one of the favorite recreational areas of the inhabitants of Budapest. There are hotels, restaurants and clubs. It is very popular with enthusiasts of active leisure - there are tennis courts, sports fields and a swimming pool complex , as well as many green areas ideal for jogging and cycling (numerous bicycle paths). Those who would like to arrange a romantic picnic in the bosom of nature will also find "their piece of the floor" here. The island is wheelchair accessible.

Margaret Island Gardens

It is an exceptionally green place with a wonderfully laid out space. There is a fairy-tale mini botanical garden with ponds and mini waterfalls. It is an Alpinarium with plants from all over the world. A walk around this part of the island is wonderfully relaxing and relaxing - you can hear the soothing murmur of water from everywhere.

The next place is a Japanese garden with a charming small pond. Not only fish, but also turtles swim in it. In addition, the rose garden is divinely blooming (and smells!), Fabulous and elegant. The trees growing on the island include plane trees and ginkgo biloba, while the inhabitants - incl. blackbirds, woodpeckers and squirrels.

During the walk, sooner or later we will certainly reach the Artists' Avenue . It is an extremely atmospheric corner with numerous sculptures depicting images of Hungarian composers, poets and writers, painters and sculptors. There are also figures of people whose lives have left a significant mark on Hungarian history and culture.

Traces of the past

At the entrance from the south side of Margaret Island, we will see the Playing Fountain, and in the northern part there is the Playing Well. The most beautiful view is from the 57-meter-high Water Tower . The building with eight angles was built in 1911, and today it serves as a place for exhibitions and, of course, as an observation tower.

An important point of the island is the monument commemorating the merger of Buda and Pest into one city. During the tour, we will also see the ruins of the Dominican nunnery, the rebuilt chapel of St. Michael and the remains of the Franciscan Church.

Margit-sziget was already liked by the Romans, she was visited by kings and tsarist families. It is called the most beautiful park in the Hungarian capital - this is probably a convincing argument that it is worth getting to know it.

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