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Hungarian cycling routes will satisfy every cyclist. There are many of them and they lead through beautiful regions - for example, the route around Lake Balaton or Szombathely, along the Tisza and Danube, the Kaposvár-Siklós route or finally EuroVelo, which is part of the European Cycle Route Network, can be used.

The vast majority of routes extend through relatively easy to overcome plains or small hills, so all you need is beautiful weather and a little willingness to go on a family trip around Hungary . Another attractive route is the Budapest-Velence route, and Budapest itself encourages you to check its interesting points on two wheels. There are special lanes in the streets and bicycle paths at the most important tourist attractions and in the city center. Double-track is an extremely important means of transport in Budapest, which is confirmed for example by the fact that there are trips of the Critical Mass in the city twice a year, and on the last Friday of the month - a ride called "minimum weight". Thanks to the wide offer of Budapest rental companies, everyone will find their perfect vehicle. Help is provided, among others Zebra Bikes, a rental with a range of services for families with children (toddler bikes, bikes with trailers, child seats etc.), BikeBase or Budapest Bike, where we can rent a tandem.

Budapest viewed from the saddle


During a several-hour bicycle trip, we will visit the most important attractions of Budapest . These include, among others, the Ferenc Puskás stadium, the largest facility of this type in Hungary, the venue for the national team's games. Nowadays, apart from football matches, it also hosts concerts of the greatest music stars. The facility has hosted world-class celebrities such as Louis Armstrong, Queen, Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson and Metallica. Another point of note is Margaret Island, located in the northern part of Budapest. For many, it is an ideal place for a wedding, for runners an area with specially designated routes for them, for residents - an enclave of peace and greenery, which can be reached by a bridge built at the beginning of the 20th century. From Margaret Island we will get to one of the most famous government buildings in the world, i.e. the seat of the Hungarian government. The designers of the Országház (Parliament), which we can admire on the banks of the Danube, were inspired by the Palace of Westminster. Next to the building, we can see another symbol of the city - the chain bridge, thrown across the Széchenyi River, the first stone bridge that connected Buda and Pest. Both ends are guarded by concrete lions. After crossing the bridge, we will stand at the foot of the hill with the castle and palace complex. From the top you can see the whole city beautifully. Like the icing on the cake, climbing the castle hill is the central point of exploring the Hungarian capital .

Camping in Budapest


We already know that Budapest likes cyclists and cyclists like Budapest. When tired hikers want to get off their bikes and rest their tired muscles, Bikercamp camping & Pansion Budapest comes to their aid , a camping perfect for active tourists. It is an intimate facility that provides guests with everything they need to be happy, including a great location - in the city center, just a few minutes' walk from the metro station. So close to attractions, and so quietly and calmly, you can relax with the singing of birds, among greenery, on shaded lots. No wonder that the campsite is so popular with tourists - and not only with those who came to it by bike.

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