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If someone hasn't visited Prague yet, it's high time to change it. The Czech capital has a lot to offer to tourists, especially those who wish to spend time contemplating their feelings.

A romantic trip for two is a popular idea to celebrate an important event for a given couple. In this way, you can celebrate the anniversary of a wedding, getting to know each other, the first kiss or some other fact with sentimental significance. A romantic trip can also take place on the lovers' day, i.e. Valentine's Day. After all, this is a holiday for everyone who enjoys being with another person, so it applies to every couple, regardless of their seniority.

And where can you spend this special day? There are many ideas, ranging from a charming but not very original concept of a trip to Paris and dinner in a restaurant overlooking the Eiffel Tower, to crazy day trips to amusement parks. Picturesque Venice with its gondolas is also very popular during this period, as well as Prague, which offers visitors (not only in love) wonderful landscapes. A night walk along the Charles Bridge will provide unforgettable views of the city showered with lights.

Romantic Prague

It is worth going to Prague at any time of the year. It is located relatively close to the Polish-Czech border (it is approx. 150 km from the former border crossing point of Kudowa Słone-Nachod), and access is very simple - via the main Warsaw-Prague route, i.e. the E67 road.

What awaits us in the city apart from the monuments and the atmosphere of a glorious past in the air? Certainly delicious cuisine, which, combined with great Czech beer, will put everyone in a great mood. After long walks along the alleys of Lesser Town or after a cruise on the Vltava River, you can sit in one of the dozen restaurants or cafes and take a breath with your beloved by your side. When it comes to prices, in Prague or in the Old Town they are quite high, so if you want to eat well and cheaply, you should visit the Vinohrady or Żiżkov districts. While staying in the latter, it is worth climbing the tallest structure in Prague, i.e. the Żiżkov TV tower . The image of Prague admired from a height of 216 meters will be remembered for a long time.

The aforementioned Lesser Town is located right next to the Prague Castle, on the lower bank of the Vltava River. Wandering its streets is a pleasure for the eyes - there are many beautiful tenement houses and churches (including the Church of St. Nicholas). During the walk, it is worth taking a look at the John Lennon Wall, which is filled with new patterns practically every day. It is a symbol of the ideals of youth and the fight against the regime.

What's worth seeing?

The capital of the Czech Republic is considered to be one of the most attractive European cities. It attracts tourists with monuments, including the largest castle complex in the world. Established in the 9th century, Hradčany was entered in the Guinness Book of Records, as well as in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. They spread over an area of almost 70,000 m², and apart from their size, they delight with the splendor of their buildings. Their queen is the Cathedral of St. Vitus Cathedral, built for over 600 years. The stained glass window on its west façade is made of 27,000 pieces of glass. The view is stunning.

One of the most beautiful and romantic places in Prague is the Old Town Square with its historic tenement houses and the picturesque Old Town Hall. The main attraction of the market is the astronomical clock consisting of two dials, one of which indicates the months and the other the position of the celestial bodies. It attracts the attention of passers-by as well as the show of moving figures, which takes place here every hour.

It is definitely worth visiting the city center, where the Petrin hill is located. At its top, there is a symbol of the Petřín Mound - a copy of the Eiffel Tower. Near the building there is a labyrinth of mirrors in which the two of us can make silly faces, and from its top there is a wonderful view of the city.

Regardless of whether someone visits Prague for one day or stays here longer, the charm of the Czech capital will surely delight him. It cannot be otherwise, because it is a unique city.

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