May weekend at the Blue Springs

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May weekend is a great time to show children the vibrant nature. This is not the time of shyly growing snowdrops, but of spring in full bloom. Where can you see its exceptional beauty? For example, in the Blue Springs reserve.

Depending on the place we choose for the first weekend of May, we can bring home memories of an active holiday or peaceful exploration of nature with the whole family. If we decide on the latter, we can go to the Blue Springs reserve. It covers an area of almost 29 ha, and tourists visit it to see karst springs with an original blue shade, about 400 species of plants, 75 species of birds and numerous mammals (including the muskrat).

The hearts of the wywierzy

The Blue Springs Reserve is located in the Pilica River valley, at the south-eastern border of Tomaszów. It is located in the Sulejów Landscape Park . From Łódź you can reach it by national road number 713, then - once in the city - follow the signs and turn right. Behind the bridge over the Pilica River, on the left, there is a parking lot. Admission to the reserve is free.

Blue Springs are wywierzyńskie separated by an island, from which several geysers flow. They pulsate like the beating hearts of a large organism. Depending on the angle of the sun's rays, the time of day and the weather, the sand seen through the water surface appears more or less intensely blue. The temperature in the springs is constant throughout the year, fluctuating around 9°C. They can be reached via a wide avenue lined with two rows of trees.

The reserve is a beautiful, magical place where the water never freezes. There is an alder forest here, where many species of birds live. There are no crowds, it is quiet, so you can observe swans and mallard ducks, the symbol of the reserve . Teal, kingfishers, goldeneyes and shelducks also live here. A careful observer will spot finches, orioles and buntings, and a lucky observer will spot a firebird, a talented nest builder.

Open-air museum of the Pilica River

When visiting the reserve, it is worth visiting the museum dedicated to Pilica, especially since it is located next to the parking lot. The Pilica River Open-Air Museum has, among others, "Lufcik", an armored artillery tractor. It is the only vehicle of this type in the world that has been preserved. Together with other exhibits from the military department, it was recovered from the bottom of the river. We will also see a 100-year-old work barge, old water mills and an anti-landing anchor mine.

There is a playground for children next to the open-air museum, and in the summer, kids can ride a pony. From April 1 to October 31, the facility is open every day except Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. From November 1 to March 31, it is open to guests from Tuesday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on weekends from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. A regular ticket costs PLN 3 and a reduced ticket costs PLN 2. Children up to 4 years old can visit the open-air museum for free.

Where to stay?

When planning a May trip to Blue Springs, it is worth considering staying at Camping Sielanka nad Pilicą . This picturesque campsite, located in the heart of nature, offers caravan and tent enthusiasts ideal conditions to spend their free time surrounded by natural beauty. A variety of accommodation options are available, from spacious pitches for caravans and tents, to comfortable summer houses, which are an excellent alternative for those who value comfort in contact with nature.

The campsite also offers extensive recreational facilities and amenities, such as bonfire sites, a playground for children, and access to water and sports equipment rentals, which makes it an ideal place for active recreation for the whole family. The proximity of the Blue Springs reserve and picturesque walking and cycling routes means that every day spent in this place can be full of new adventures and discoveries.

Find the perfect campsite for the May weekend

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