Mountains in Italy - which ones are worth visiting?

Mountains in Italy - which ones are worth visiting? – main image

Mountains in Italy are very popular with tourists every year. This is a perfect place for avid skiers and lovers of alpine landscapes. The destination is as popular as island resorts or historic Rome. What places are worth visiting here? What are the mountains in Italy like?

Mountains in Italy

It is worth noting that there are two well-known mountain ranges in this area - the Apennines and the Alps. The highest peaks are Mont Blanck de Courmayeur with a height of 4748 m above sea level and Piramide Vincent - 4215 m above sea level. The first peak is a border area between Italy, Switzerland and France. The second one is located in the range of the Pennine Alps. Let's not forget that there are a lot of mountain ranges in Italy. It is the mountains that make up a large area of the country.

Are the Dolomites the Alps?

Mountains in Italy - which ones are worth visiting? – image 1

This question often gives sleepless nights not only to skiers. Where are the Italian Dolomites? The Dolomites are a mountain range in the north-eastern part of Italy, part of the Eastern Alps.

In 2009, the Dolomites were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for a reason. Whoever has visited these areas at least once knows that they delight with huge vertical rock walls, jagged peaks and beautiful valleys. Mountains in Italy, including the aforementioned Dolomites, are a paradise for both hikers and skiers, who very willingly choose Italian campsites in the mountains as a base.

Mountains in Italy - popular tourist resorts

People planning a trip to these areas should get acquainted with the most popular tourist resorts that enjoy considerable recognition. Thanks to this, we will choose a location in the Apennines and the Alps that will provide us with white madness and beautiful landscapes. In addition, you can count on high-quality service in the resorts and unforgettable experiences while traveling on specially prepared routes. In this case, the following can be distinguished:

  • Val di Sole - on the map you can find Val di Sole , which is located between Lake Garda and South Tyrol. The area offers very good skiing conditions, which we will use from November to March. This is an interesting option for intermediate skiers who will choose a route that meets their expectations. In addition, four snow parks and several interesting routes for cross-country skiers are a plus.
  • Livigno - is a very popular resort, where in the season we will find a lot of passionate skiers from our country. The resort is located on the Italian-Swiss border and has numerous lifts, restaurants and hotels. Athletes will successfully use 115 kilometers of ski slopes.
  • Val di Fiemme - this resort has been breaking records of popularity among lovers of mountain climates for years. Noteworthy is the 100 km of ski slopes. The slopes of Bellamonte-Alpe, which are the border of the nature reserve, are also impressive. The existence of this area contributed to the inclusion of the Dolomites on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Attractions of the Italian Alps

The Italian Alps offer many attractions that allow for active recreation throughout the year. Here it is worth seeing the already mentioned Dolomites, which delight with rock formations. They are based on a unique composition, and the majestic tops at the end of the day take on the color of the setting sun. It is a unique natural spectacle, which is called "enrosadira". We can't miss Passo dello Stevio, the legendary cycling route and the world's best car road. It is located in a national park and arouses admiration. The pass is not just an ordinary communication route, but it is the highest passable pass in the Eastern Alps and an extremely spectacular road in all of Europe.

Motoring enthusiasts certainly know Turin. The largest car factory in the country is located here. The city is also treated as a synonym for the word baroque. For many years it has been attracting musicians, painters and artists from all over the world. It is also an important place for the faithful. You can visit the Chapel of the Holy Shroud, where the Shroud of Turin is stored (Jesus was supposed to be wrapped in it after his death). Interestingly, Turin is the birthplace of the popular Lavazza coffee.

The mountains in Italy are a place to relax for lovers of active relaxation, as well as for anyone who appreciates extraordinary views. The region is dominated by two mountain ranges, the Alps and the Apennines. Tourists willingly choose the most popular resorts that allow you to go wild in winter. It is certainly a place worth exploring.

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