One piece of cake, that is, we taste Florence

One piece of cake, that is, we taste Florence – main image

The story of Florence is like a cake - you can't eat the whole thing, you have to limit yourself to one piece, and even that one piece can be sweet until your teeth ache. The capital of Tuscany is a city so rich in terms of tourism, culture and history that it is impossible to list all its attractions without a long lecture. Because why pay attention to this monument and omit this one? Why take the reader through these squares and not mention them? And the cradle of the Italian Renaissance can become the subject of a story that winds like a ribbon for many hours, sometimes until the listeners doze off.

Florence from the kitchen

Florence is the second most visited Italian city after Rome. Visiting the capital of Tuscany is not easy, considering the temperatures prevailing in it in the summer, reaching over 30 ° C at night, the ubiquitous crowds, and also - or rather above all - the number of places that we should get to know. Wandering through the streets of Florence delights, but can also tire. Fortunately, we are not in danger of falling out of strength for long. Numerous restaurants, cafes and bars will not let the tourist be thirsty or hungry. Food in Florence , as in all of Tuscany, is based on bread, beef, olive oil and wine. Focaccia (a type of bread) is served as an appetizer, the basis for croutons or bruschetta or as an addition to soups. Speaking of which, noteworthy is pappa al pomodoro made of ripe tomatoes and bread, or "soup of the poor", i.e. ribollita with beans, Tuscan kale or black cabbage and stale bread. Florentine cuisine also includes vegetables, especially legumes. Not only vegetarians will love frittata di carciofi (artichoke omelette) or fritto misto (vegetables in batter). Lovers of meat dishes will probably reach for bistecca alla fiorentina (a bloody entrecote with bone) or stracotto, delicate cooked meat. On the streets of Florence, you can buy another “dish of the poor” after ribollit – lampredotto, a cow's stomach cooked with vegetables. As befits Italy, an important place in the menu is also occupied by pastas, prepared with various fillings.

Florence - interesting places

The first monument of Florence that comes to mind is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, gigantic and delightfully sumptuous, built over a century and a half. The second - Palazzo Vecchio, towering over Piazza della Signoria . Its courtyard was designed by Michelangelo himself. In the close vicinity of the palace, there is one of the oldest museums in Europe and the richest in collections of works of art in the world, i.e. the Uffizi Gallery. A few steps further we will see the only bridge of the city that survived the war - Ponte Vecchio. A few words also belong to Casa di Dante, the house where Dante Alighieri lived. The artist's face is carved on the cobblestones in front of the building, which can only be seen after pouring water on it. During your holiday in Florence, you will find many places where you need to spend a few moments, stop during a walk and at least take a look.

Camping in Florence

What better place to camp in Italy than to stay in the center of Florence ? Even if it were a completely different city, not the home of the author of "The Divine Comedy", but a smaller resort with fewer monuments, the mere fact that we can relax on a hill with a magnificent panorama, if not all, then most of the attractions, would advantage of this facility over its competitors. It delights with its views, and the square from which it takes its name can be reached within a minute. Piazzale Michelangelo is deservedly considered one of the best viewpoints in Florence. It is available 24/7 - free of charge. Coming back to the campsite, in addition to the great location, it offers guests accommodation on hardened plots, in spacious tents with bunk beds, as well as e.g. restaurant and bar. The campsite has access to a wireless Internet network. You can easily tell your friends that you are in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

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