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Navarre is located at the junction of France and Spain, in the western Pyrenees. It is a region that covers part of the historic Basque Country, and its capital is Pamplona, a city on three rivers. What is it famous for? Of all the encierros in Spain, Pamplona is the most famous one. In addition, the city is close to the hearts of the faithful who wander the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, as well as fans of Ernest Hemingway's prose.

What's hidden in Navarre

Navarre is a good destination for motorized tourists, as its location gives you the opportunity to get to know the attractions of two countries. It is easier to travel to several French cities than to Madrid. For example, Bayonne is only 111 km from the provincial capital, Pamplona. Also, those who spend their holidays in France can quickly cross the border and indulge in the charm of the Spanish siesta. Another thing is that some people will not even reach the hot south, because they will charm their coast by San Sebastián, known as the "pearl of the North". And what does Navarre offer to tourists? The possibility of contact with nature, calm down and observing the fauna. Where? For example, in Foz de Lumbier , a canyon where you can relax listening to the sounds of birds, the sound of the water and the silence. Only man and nature. It is also worth going to Olite, a small city full of monuments, and to Estella - especially if someone likes mountain hiking. And the already mentioned Pamplona, one of the most important points on the way of St. James? Tourists associate them mainly with encierros, bull chases held in July, during the sanfermines holiday. They are attended by men who want to find out if they are as masculine as they think. More than one, in addition to torn pants, brought a badly damaged ego from Pamplona.

Ernest Hemingway was here drinking tea

It's best to start exploring Pamplona by directing your steps towards Plaza del Castillo. It is surrounded by cafes, several of which remember Ernest Hemingway. To the west and south of the square there is a tangle of narrow, winding streets - this is the former Jewish quarter, Juderia. Before the wave of persecution of the Inquisition, a fairly large Jewish community lived here. On the opposite side of the square is Calle San Nicolas, a street of hotels and hostels, restaurants and tapas bars. The old part of Pamplona is compact and easy to explore on foot. Most attractions are within a 10-minute walk of Plaza del Castillo. If tiredness and / or heat take a heavy toll, you can stop sightseeing for a while and sit down in one of the many squares and parks. And what sights are worth seeing during a trip to Pamplona ? Cathedral of Santa Maria with Gothic interiors. To find them, you have to go through the Diocesan Museum. The Church of San Saturnino is also important, it is said that it was built in the place where St. Saturnin baptized 40,000 the people of Pamplona. The next points are the Palacio de Navarra, in which we will see a portrait of Ferdinand VII by Goya, and the citadel, considered the most interesting object of Renaissance military architecture in Spain. Nearby is the Yamaguchi Park with a planetarium. The collections of the Navarre Museum are also noteworthy - thanks to them you can get to know the art and history of the region better. Navarre hides many interesting facts that will make our vacation in Spain more attractive.

Camping in Navarre

People who plan to make the most of their vacation to get to know the region, will treat a room in a hotel or guesthouse as a place to leave luggage and a place to stay. A good option for such active tourists will also be camping, especially in a favorable location. Such an option is, for example, Camping Bardenas , located relatively close to the Villafranca de Navarra train station, right on the main road. It has a swimming pool, a grassy beach, a tennis court, a climbing wall and a gym, and there is also a restaurant on the premises. It is worth remembering to have mosquito spray with you in summer - there are many of them in the area. Approx. It is 2 km from the center of Villafranca, approx. 68.5 km from Pamplona and approx. 116 km from the center of Zaragoza.

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