Picnic in the Valley of the Beautiful Lady

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Száraz or édes? Fehér or vörös? Dry, sweet, white or red? The Valley of the Beautiful Lady invites for a picnic not only lovers of Bacchus drink - everyone is welcome in this picturesque corner in the north of Hungary.

The mischievous say that there are no ugly women, only sometimes there is no wine. Even more mischievous - that the Hungarian Valley of the Beautiful Lady is called so because after wandering from one local vineyard to another and tasting the drinks hidden in it, all the ladies we meet look prettier. These are, of course, small nicks that are not worth paying attention to. However, they do not change the fact that the Valley of the Beautiful Lady (Szépasszony-völgy) is indeed a land flowing with wine. It is a commodity for which the region has been famous for years and it is precisely for it that tourists come here from all over Europe - and not only.

A stone's throw to Szépasszony-völgy

The Valley of the Beautiful Lady is a Hungarian wine region, which tourists from Poland can reach in just a few hours - because it is located in the north of the country, less than 250 km from Zakopane. You can come here for the weekend or longer to taste the wine and rest.

The slopes of the hills surrounding Szépasszony-völgy resemble a large sieve, so they are riddled with entrances to the winery. There are several dozen cellars carved in the soft volcanic rock. The longer the cellar, the richer its owner is - he had to dig deeper into the rock to enlarge the room for more bottles.

The Valley of the Beautiful Lady is an extremely atmospheric place. In the evenings, Gypsy bands play at the tables in front of the cellars, and below, in the park, fires are burning, with young people playing guitars.


Attractions of Eger

The pearl of the region is Eger , surrounded by the Bükk Mountains, the most interesting mountain range in Hungary. From every point of the city you can see the castle towering above it with high defensive walls. Over 1.5 km of corridors have been discovered under the huge fortress. A walk through them is fascinating, as is a walk through the walls of the fortress, from which you can see the whole of Eger and the surrounding area.

From the main square of the city, Dobó Tér , it takes 5 minutes to reach the largest temple in Eger and the second largest in Hungary - the Eger Basilica with a richly decorated dome, 40 meters high. The entrance to the temple is also decorated, and the façade is supported by Corinthian columns.

The building of the Secondary School , which was supposed to be a university, but did not live to see it, hides in its interior an unusual diocesan library and the so-called camera obscura, periscope system. It is located at the height of the eighth floor, and the city and the outlines of the Bükk Mountains seen thanks to it will be remembered for a long time.

The attractions of Eger are the bathing areas and 3 large swimming pools - it is impossible to miss the newest one, called the "Temple of Swimming". Near the city there is Egerszalok, tempting with hot water cascading down white rocks. It advertises itself as Hungarian Pamukkale . Also attractive is the Demjen bathing beach with a large aqua-slide, and Bogacs, a small village with healing springs.

Campsite in Eger

It is impossible to leave such a beautiful region on the same day. This applies not only to tourists who have hiked the vineyard route and may simply not be able to do so. Tulipán Camping Eger , located approx. 1 km from the old town, invites guests looking for accommodation. It is open from March 15 to October 15, and offers tents and trailers to visitors (it is also possible to rent a trailer). Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the premises. We will pay 1,600 HUF per day for a motorhome place, and 800 HUF for an overnight stay. A child aged 3-10 can stay for 400 HUF.

The campsite provides relaxation among greenery and easy access to the city. Over 80 cellars, 10 bars and 4 restaurants await tourists. They can listen to live Hungarian music and relax with a glass of Bull's Blood (Egri bikavér) in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hungary.

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