Project # PajeroCamper4x3 - travel reports - part 2

Project # PajeroCamper4x3 - travel reports - part 2 – main image

After a few days on the road, another puzzle.

Hungarian - Croatian border

Our tests are not like that (they require pcr, and we still use antigen from Poland).

First border of Gola, closed. We did, however, quite nice and the officer directed us to the Letenye crossing.

Several cars in front of us. Another woman in a decision-making role.

Passports, where we are going (a hint here: in Croatia, wild camping is not welcome, it exceeds the cost of camping . However, we learned the lesson. When asked where we are going to stay, we had a working place (in the pandemic era) - an auto camp near Zagreb . ) She checked the tests quite thoroughly. Despite what is provided by, ours were enough (by PLN 250, each cheaper than required !!!)

We are in Croatia. No imposed transit.

Contrary to appearances, the search for accommodation did not take much time.

Place right by the river, fishing, fireplace and places for max. 3 roadsters. If wet, it's a 4x4. Easy access. A very hidden place.

Converting from "driving" to "sleeping" took a few minutes.

A little rain that brought a deep sleep.

I respect the silence and the total cut off from wildness. Nature is like heaven above the Earth, it is hard for us to embrace such; people.

We have been to Croatia before. At a time when Zosia did not have the opportunity to be with us yet :)

Experiencing this country this time is completely different.

The time we have. We are learning not to have it on our neck. Okay, I'm learning…. It fell from the sky to the girls - naturally.

This allows for less, so more. I did not take the watch with me on purpose. Of course I have a phone , etc. but I don't have a heavy load on my arms - it's a good move.

Fewer kilometers a day. So far, we drive only on side roads - this changes the perception of the country. Highways turn your journey into a teleportation.

Rides through villages and towns impose a pace that automatically slows down due to the densely lying "policemen".


Yes, if we are in a hurry :)

3h in a two-lane, we ride 5h through winding, holes in the periphery.

However, this is how this journey is supposed to look like. It is supposed to last.


Darek Anioł Engel


# PajeroCamper4x3

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