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Only 30 km from Krynica-Zdrój, in the north-eastern part of Slovakia, is Bardejov, a picturesque resort famous for its spa and the country's oldest Renaissance town hall. Currently, the building houses the city history museum.

Bardejów (Bardejov or Bardejov) is situated on the Topl'a River, in the northern part of the Ondawa Podgórze. It is a city with a long history and great importance for the cultural development of Slovakia - it housed the country's first public library and the first Slovak theater. In 1986, the city received a gold medal from the ICOMOS foundation operating at UNESCO. In this way, the organization awarded Bardejov for the protection of cultural heritage. This is not the end of the awards - in 2000, the old town was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

A walk through the old town of Bardejov

In the past, Bardejov was surrounded by huge defensive walls, protecting the city already in the Middle Ages. Only a few towers and a fragment of the eastern part of the wall with a barbican and a city gate have survived to this day. The heart of Bardejov is the rectangular square with the town hall standing in its center. It is surrounded on three sides by restored burgher houses with eaves facades, and its surface is covered with river stones.

The town hall is the oldest Renaissance monument in Slovakia . It dates from the early 16th century, and its most valuable elements are architectural details such as wall paintings, stairs and a wooden ceiling in the banquet hall.

In the northern part of the square there is the Basilica of St. Idzi , the most important monument of Bardejov. It is a Gothic temple, built in the 15th century. From its tower you can admire the historic old town and the surrounding area, while inside the church there are eleven wing altars, standing in their original positions. Admission to the tower (€ 1.33) and the temple itself (€ 1) are both paid. You can visit at certain times, i.e. from 10:00 to 14:30.

Bardejovské Kúpele

In the immediate vicinity of Bardejów, there is a health resort where patients have been receiving treatment since the 15th century. One of them was Empress Sissi, Tsar Alexander I and Emperor Joseph II also rested here. Bardejovské Kúpele is visited by people suffering from respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular diseases. The resort has 17 mineral springs, and you can also undergo inhalations, a number of therapeutic massages, magnetotherapy and treatments using ultrasounds and other techniques.

People who want to get rid of excess weight also come to the spa. As part of the slimming camps , you can lose 4 to 6 kg in 2 weeks. Volunteers exercise under the supervision of instructors, undergoing individually selected programs based on, among others on fitness, Nordic Walking, massages and lymphatic drainage.

A Wellness and Beauty Studio has also recently opened in the spa.

Active recreation in Bardejów

The city offers tourists much more than the monuments of the old part or spa therapy. During the summer season, there are concerts every day and various types of excursions. There is also a heated swimming pool, and tennis enthusiasts can get rid of the excess energy on one of the two courts. In addition, there are 35 km of walking routes in the area.

Bardejów is so close to the Polish border that you can easily visit it during a day trip. A very simple route leads to it - national road number 75. It is really worth visiting this beautiful resort, considered to be the most gothic city in Slovakia.

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