Relax on Lake Attersee


In the Austrian district of Vöcklabruck, Lake Attersee has been an inspiration for artists, painters and composers for many years. The brush of the leader of Viennese modernism, the symbolist Gustav Klimt, immortalized on canvas and preserved for posterity the landscapes around the reservoir, today world-famous paintings. Gustav Mahler, considered the greatest of symphonists, drew inspiration on the shores of the lake while working on the 2nd and 3rd symphonies. The beauty of the Attersee has become a muse for the artists who create their most famous works with him. Today, the lake pleases tourists relaxing on its shores. It is the largest recreational reservoir in the Salzkammergut area.


Diving in Attersee

The lake is very popular among diving enthusiasts who come here in large numbers in spring and autumn. Most of the diving sites are located on the eastern shore of the Attersee, are marked with large roadside information boards on which we can read the maps of a specific diving site with given depths and a list of underwater attractions. The smaller number plates (blue), standing by the road along the shore, are also helpful in locating the stands. Before entering the water, of course, you should buy an ARGE pass in one of the diving bases. Recreational divers must remember about no-decompression limits - the Attersee is very deep and the water is ice cold all year round. In the middle of the right bank of the reservoir is an ominous place, the Black Bridge (Schwarze Brücke), where you can dive below 100 meters. Due to the easy access from the shore, the simplicity of navigation near the wall and the view up to 40 meters, it is a very popular point among technical divers. Despite his dark fame - he claimed the lives of over 80 divers, mainly Poles and Czechs. Since August 2017, when another diver (a Pole) died, it is forbidden to dive in it, as in Ofen.


Vacation at the Attersee

The Attersee is both deep and extensive - it is a body of water 20 km long and 4 km wide, with a shoreline about 50 km long. It is located 30 km north-east of the statutory city of Salzburg. It is an ideal place for people who are planning a holiday in Austria in terms of water sports, as well as for those who love peace and quiet. It is a paradise for lovers of swimming in crystal clear water. Fans of water sports will not be disappointed - the constant wind will not allow their boats or windsurfing boards to stand lazily in one place. The 70-kilometer-long trail around the lake provides holidaymakers with the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful views, as well as to get acquainted with the regional cuisine during the walks in one of the roadside restaurants. For the more active, there is a challenge in the village of Steinbach am Attersee - the "white wall", that is, the climbing wall to the top of Mahdlgupf (1261 m above sea level). We will see a large tourist attraction in the close vicinity of Attersee. This is called Palafite buildings , specially constructed houses on stilts, which were entered on the UNSESCO World Heritage List in 2014.


Camping on Lake Attersee

People looking for accommodation as close to the lake as possible will be satisfied - they have a large selection of places, ranging from tents to hotel rooms. The tourist infrastructure in the Attersee region is extensive. On the southern shore of the lake, the Inselcamp camping site is ideal. The excellent location is one of its most important advantages. The center of Unterach can be reached on foot in a few minutes, passing recreational areas along the way (including sports fields, mini-golf course, public swimming pool, ski school and a large playground). The campsite is located in the heart of the Salzkammergut, between the Schafberg and Höllengebirge mountains. Guests staying there can enjoy a rest among greenery and wonderful views. The place will appeal to families with children, people who love water sports, as well as all those who are looking for rest and relaxation. Both young and slightly older tourists will spend a successful holiday here.

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