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Europe's Niagara Falls spills over in several arms, rolling waters amid rocks and greenery. The Swiss canton of Schaffhausen, which advertises itself as the heart of Europe, boasts the largest waterfall in the continent.

The Rheinfall waterfall is beautiful. Its waters foam like milk, arousing admiration among people by the force of its inheritance. However, not among eels, which during the spawning period are able to climb the stones to the very top, driven by instinct. They are not impressed by the numbers: 23 meters high and 150 meters wide. Total, because the Rheinfall is actually a few waterfalls that together form a majestic miracle of nature. Almost 700,000 liters of water per second pass through it. Indeed, you have to be an eel to ignore these statistics.

The title waterfall is located in the Swiss town of Neuhausen am Rheinfall, in the canton of Schaffhausen. It is situated at the turn of the Rhine. Its beauty makes the region famous, but also the whole of Switzerland. In turn, its size puts it at the forefront of giant waterfalls - the Rheinfall is the largest waterfall located in the flat areas of Europe.

View of the Rheinfall

The Rheinfall was born during the last ice age, about 15,000 years ago. His power delights and intimidates, attracting crowds who want to get to know him closely. A subtle water mist rises in the air, saturating it with moisture. There are several viewpoints around the waterfall, including one platform accessible by water taxi. However, not everyone has the courage to do so.

Near the Rheinfall, there is no haste to spin the mill wheel . It was created in the 70s of the twentieth century, modeled on the original project from the 11th century. It makes a great impression on visitors.

Two medieval castles stand on the rocks by the waterfall: Wörth and Laufen. Tourists who come here to see the water giant take the opportunity to get to know these monuments as well.

A ballad about two locks

Laufen Fortified Castle is open to tourists. A beautiful walking path leads to it, which runs over the railway bridge. When we stand in the middle of it, we will see an imposing gray building in front of it, which today houses a conference center and a restaurant serving game dishes.

The castle can be reached via a path and conveniently reached using a glass elevator. From its windows there is a wonderful panorama of the waterfall.

The second castle, Wörth , today has similar functions to its competitor on the other side of the Rhine. There are several banquet halls on the first floor of the building, and there is also a cafe and a souvenir shop in the castle. Inside, there is also an exclusive restaurant with a menu, where we can find fish and seafood dishes, as well as meat dishes. There will also be something for vegetarians.

Where to stay in the Rheinfall?

Tourists who have visited the Rheinfall most often advise to go here in May, during the peak flow season. During this period, the waterfall roars the loudest, you can observe the most intense foaming and the greatest "fury" of the element. The noise of the water falling from the rocks can be heard in the parking lot. But there is also a lot to admire in the remaining months.

About 5 km from the waterfall is the village of Jestetten, where you can spend the night in a motorhome. Schwimmbad Jestetten mit Campingplatz is located there. The accommodation for an adult costs 2.5 euros, while the cost of a parking space for a motorhome is 6 euros per day. Unfortunately, we cannot come here with a pet, but the price of the campsite includes access to a large swimming pool.

Jestetten itself is small, nice and neat, as is the case in Swiss towns. Here you can rest and relax while walking among the charming little houses with red roofs.

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