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Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily, is a unique place. There is a reason why it is called a "miniature continent". There you can find clear sea with beautiful beaches, numerous caves and waterfalls, there are plenty of rivers and lakes, and mountains and gorges await you on foot. The diversity of the island is a great reason to choose it as a destination for your motorhome vacation. What to see in the capital of Sardinia? What local dishes to try? Check out our mini-guide!

Vacation in the city of flamingos

The capital of the island, Cagliari, is famous for its flamingos, which can be seen at two viewpoints in the area - from Monte Urpinu Hill and in the Molentargius Regional Park. Amazing fauna and flora - because the island also has many coral reefs and cork groves, this is just the beginning of the attractions that await you during your vacation in Sardinia . You can find the best of the island right here in Cagliari. The city center, which dates back to the 7th century BC, is the old town situated on a hill. The castle on it with two towers made of white limestone is one of the most important places in Cagliari. The same material was used to make a large part of the houses in the old town, which has earned the nickname of the "white city". Other sights that deserve the attention of visitors are the Basilica of San Saturnino, the Church of Chiesa della Purissima and Saint Remy Bastion. In the city you can also admire the remains of old Roman buildings and necropolises. The city beach in Cagliari - Plaza Poetto is not to be missed among the attractions for visiting Sardinia .

Not only sardines

Food in Sardinia is primarily rural and pastoral, which originates in the hills in the central part of the island. Those looking for Italian flagship dishes on the island, such as pizza and pasta, may be a bit disappointed. The tables are dominated by roasted meats, especially piglets, and salami with sausage. Due to the access to the sea, they eat seafood, especially crawfish and squid, but they can be found mainly on the coast. Vegetables are often added to dishes - artichokes and peppers. The islanders also eat a lot of cheeses, and the most delicious are the famous pecorino and casa marzu. The production process of the latter, which uses fly larvae, may seem disgusting to many people, but the taste of the cheese will meet even the most demanding tastes. Sardinian breads, baked in many forms, are also known. The most interesting of them are carasau - thin and crunchy pancakes made of wheat flour. Lovers of sweets will not be disappointed on a culinary trip around the island. There are many delicacies waiting for them, mainly with almonds. Local cannonau and vermentino wines will be a great addition to the dishes served on the island. During your vacation in Italy, make sure you try the strong liqueur made of myrtle leaves.

Campsites in Sardinia

If you are going on holiday to Sardinia, you can stay at the Tiliguerta Camping Village in Capo Ferrato in Muravera in the south-east of the island. Direct access to the beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, the proximity of the eucalyptus forest and numerous amenities, guarantee a great holiday with family or friends. The property is conveniently placed for exploring Cagliari , only 65 km away. The owners of the facility, apart from 370 pitches for campers, have prepared bungalows, cottages for rent, and even a camping site. On site you will be able to rent a scooter. There is also a wide range of sports, including - canoe rental, diving equipment, tennis court and bicycle routes. Sailing and windsurfing classes for children and adults are organized on the beach. In the central square you will find a restaurant, pizzeria, supermarket and bar. You can take your four-legged friend to the camping without any problems, the stay of animals is welcome there.

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