Seaside towns full of charm - check where to go

Seaside towns full of charm - check where to go – main image

Famous resort or small town? The Polish coast is so diverse that every holidaymaker will find something for themselves. However, if you are looking for a quiet place where you can calm down, we recommend 3 quiet and valued by tourists locations by the Baltic Sea.

Pustkowo encourages even the name itself. You don't like wild beaches, though? Book Rowy apartments or choose cottages in Kołobrzeg - you have more attractions here. Rowy is a compromise between good tourist facilities and silence, while Kołobrzeg is a charming city with less peace and more attractions. We suggest getting to know the calmer face of the Baltic Sea.

Trzęsacz – land taken by the sea

In Trzęsacz, the famous ruins of a Gothic church stand on a cliff. Only the last wall is left, because the sea has already taken the rest of the building. Over the course of several centuries, the local population has lost nearly 2 kilometers of land! Near the ruins there is a viewing terrace overlooking the sea, from where it is worth watching the sunset. In Trzęsacz you can also admire paragliders, because the local dune serves them as a runway. It is worth going to the Multimedia Museum of Trzęsacz to learn about the beautiful history of this peaceful town. There you will learn that the 15th meridian of east longitude runs through it. On it lies not only the legendary volcano Etna, but also Görlitz (Germany), Liberec (Czech Republic) or Italian Catania.

Sarbinowo - peace and an opportunity for contemplation

Sarbinowo is no worse than larger resorts, but it is definitely quieter. The beaches here are clean, guarded, and a stone promenade separates them from the rest of the city. The promenade encourages you to walk and admire sunrises and sunsets over the water. While visiting the village, it is worth seeing the retaining wall from 1910. It was created out of concern for the town and to this day its task is to protect it from the waves of the Baltic Sea. It is part of a beautiful promenade. From Serbinów, it is worth going to the nearby Dobrzyca and visiting the "Hortulus Gardens" - an unusual place where you can not only admire the gardens arranged in different styles, but also face the largest labyrinth in Poland. In Serbinów, it is worth seeing a neo-Gothic church from the 19th century and a fisherman's cottage, the construction of which dates back to 1804.

Rewal – a compromise between tradition and modernity

In Rewal, the beach, picturesque cliff coast and two wonderful viewing terraces impress. One of the attractions of the town is the Alley of Lovers, where you can see sculptures of the most famous literary couples in love. The former fishing village today has a lot to offer both younger and older holidaymakers. The wide and sandy beach in Rewal is marked with the Blue Flag - an international distinction awarded to the cleanest, safest and best beach resorts in terms of beach infrastructure. The pride of the Rewal coast is the Seaside Narrow-Gauge Railway. The historic train travels along the coast, stopping in successive towns of the Rewal Commune.

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