Southern California by camper - ready route in the USA

Southern California by camper - ready route in the USA – main image

Rent a motorhome in San Francisco , Los Angeles or San Diego, a city located just minutes from Tijuana on the Mexican border. California is for many a dream come true. There is literally everything here: beaches, forests, national parks. Everyone will find something for themselves, so we invite you to go on a motorhome tour! At the end of the article, we provide approximate costs of renting a motorhome in the USA and other additional costs such as insurance, fuel costs, etc.

Details of the trip

  • Camper pickup location: Los Angeles
  • Place of returning the camper: Los Angeles
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Length of the route: 1,425 miles

Motorhome travel route


The routes we publish on the portal are created in cooperation with Cruise America - the largest motorhome rental company in the USA and Canada. From September 2020, we are the only and official representative of this rental company in Poland.

If you want us to evaluate your individual motorhome trip around the USA or Canada - write to us at: [email protected] . Remember that we guarantee lower prices than when booking directly with Cruise America RV Rental . Soon you will be able to check them in person on our website: . Now you can subscribe to the newsletter on this page to download the tourbook and not miss the launch of the price search engine! Renting a motorhome in the USA is safe and simple!

Day 1 - Los Angeles

Pick up your camper van at the Cruise America point in Los Angeles. Take the main road number 101 and after 4 hours you will reach the campsite where you will spend your first night. The area around Santa Barbara town is known as the "American Riviera", so you may want to stop at a beach or restaurant along the way.

Day 2 - Route 1


We return to road number 101, but only for 11 miles, because soon we will turn to the Pacific and find ourselves on the picturesque Route 1, in the city of San Luis Obispo. In less than an hour you will see signs for Hearst Castle. Check in to your campground and relax in a structure built by press magnate William Randolph Hearst, or sunbathe on the beach in San Simeon.

Day 3 & 4 - San Francisco

Head north on Route 1 and enjoy the picturesque scenery along the way. Make a stop in Carmel and Monterey along the way, and travel 17 miles along the Pacific coast, passing the famous Pebble Beach golf courses and estates. We're headed to San Francisco . The campground is only 15 miles from the city, so you can take the bus or train at the station near the campsite and head straight into the city center. Visit Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park and see the giant trees that have stood there for over a thousand years.

Day 5 & 6 - Yosemite National Park


Today we head east towards Yosemite. This is one of the most famous national parks. It is impossible to imagine a trip to California without visiting Yosemite - you will be impressed by the impressive views and the richness of nature. You don't have to go far. After 3 hours on the Interstate, you will arrive at Yosemite Pines RV Campground - a stay here for one or more nights. The campground is only one hour from the West Entrance. Yosemite Park covers an area of over 3,000 square kilometers. There are not many roads here, but nothing obstructs the view of valleys and rock formations, lakes, waterfalls and the highest peaks. After returning to the campsite, you will have all the amenities and necessary connections for a motorhome at your disposal. Bridal Veil and Yosemite Falls are well worth a visit, and if 2.5 miles is no problem for you, take a hike to Inspiration Point. The trail gets steep towards the end, so the hike may take a while, but the reward for this effort will be a breathtaking view of the Yosemite Valley and the two famous peaks of El Capital and Half Dome.

Day 7 - Scenic 395

Return to Yosemite - this time we will drive through Yosemite Park to the scenic Route 395 that leads south. This road is so important that it even has its own website - After leaving Yosemite, we will pass three other national parks: Kings Canyon, Death Valley and Sequoia. On the way, we will also pass Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental United States . Hence, it is also close to the lowest point in the USA - Badwater Basin in Death Valley .

Day 8 - Sierra Nevada, Route 66

We continue south on Route 395 through Sierra Nevada , and then we reach a bit more flattened area, namely the Mojave Desert. It's a nice journey, it will take around three hours. You can stay overnight in Barstow, where the Old Spanish Trail and Route 66 used to run. Most tourists come here now mainly due to the two shopping centers with as many as one hundred shops.

Day 9 and 10 - San Diego


Campland on the Bay is the best camping in San Diego . This time you can relax on the private sandy beach. Take a break in the sun or rent a sailboat if you prefer to stay on the move. You will find here a lot of attractions for children and adults - this camping is very popular for a reason.

Day 11 - Newport Beach

Today, another superb campsite awaits us - a luxury beachfront resort in Newport Beach. Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina is no ordinary campground. It covers an area of over 44 ha at the entrance to the Back Bay Nature Preserve. Here you will find one of the best RV parking lots in Southern California.

You will surely like the huge beach with a playground for children and a bathing area. You can rent a sailboat, motorboat or canoe here. Check out the calendar of events before you set out on your journey - there is always something to do in Newport Beach, from the International Yacht Race, the oldest international regatta in the world, to the famous film festival, to the wine festival. And this is just the beginning.


Motorhome rental costs in the USA: Type C25

How much does it cost to rent a 5 seater motorhome in Canada today (7/12/2022)? This is the best type of camper if you want to go on vacation with children . The price is valid this week only and changes every Sunday. The C25 is a 5-person camper, in fact 4 + 1. You can read more about the types of motorhomes in the tourbook .

  • The cost of renting a motorhome in May 2023 in Los Angeles: approx. $ 1,200
  • The cost of renting a motorhome in July 2023 in Los Angeles: approx. $ 2,300
  • The cost of renting a motorhome in October 2023 in Los Angeles: approx. $ 850

(The price is only valid this week and changes every Sunday.)

You need to add to the rental:

  • Cost of purchased miles: $ 555 (for 1500 miles)
  • Deposit: $ 500
  • Fuel Costs: With an average fuel price currently in California of $ 5.84 / gallon, the cost of a 1,000-mile drive is approximately $ 584-970. Motorhomes from Cruise America and can be driven from 6 miles to 10 miles on 1 gallon of fuel. Hence the forks.

You can add to the rent:

  • Additional insurance with deductible of up to $ 0. The cost of this insurance is $ 14.95 per day
  • Early Bird Departure: $ 480
  • Personal kit (i.e. pillows, sheets, sleeping bag, towels): $ 75 / person
  • Vehicle Provisioning Kit: $ 125

The given prices include the Early Booking discount which is valid for reservations until the end of the current year. The price may change. The given prices do not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code.

Southern California by camper - ready route in the USA – image 1
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