How do I rent a motorhome for $ 1 a day?

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Perhaps you dream about traversing the endless routes of the United States, Canada, and maybe even Australia or New Zealand. Such a trip in a comfortable motorhome could turn out to be the adventure of a lifetime, but where to get the money for it? Well, we know a certain way to travel cheaply and we are just going to reveal it to you :)

United States, Canada, Australia… What do these countries have in common? A large area, and therefore large distances between cities. In comparison, European countries look very microscopic.

There are specific problems with long distances. For example, a company that wants to rent tourist vehicles on a national scale must provide access to caravans and motorhomes to customers who live very far from its premises. Even if the company has local offices in many cities, it is difficult to maintain a full fleet in all of them. As a result, there is a particular need, almost unknown in Europe - the need to relocate touring vehicles .

Help with the transport of motorhomes and visit them at the same time

The drive from San Francisco to Denver is about 18-20 hours . If a customer in one of these cities orders a motorhome that is currently parked in the other city, there is a need to deliver it to the customer. How to do it? The company can of course order a tow truck and transport from one city to another. But this is an expensive option and the entire operation, from ordering to shipping, can take a long time. The second option, the company will send its employee - he will have to be paid for it, and during the transport time (you have to count at least 2 days) he will not be able to do other work. It's also a cost. Hence the third option as well.

We - spontaneous tourists - can make an agreement with a given company that we will transport a motorhome (less often a trailer, pickup truck or other car) on a specific route. We will rent it and provide relocation from point A to point B, but in return we expect a symbolic price.

In some cases, the rental cost can be as high as $ 1 a day! The company pays off - it does not have to pay for a tow truck or its own driver. It also pays off for tourists - they can travel in other than their own tourist vehicle, paying mainly for fuel (and sometimes even getting a full tank for free).

Cheap campers as well as cheap flights

There are more and more offers of this type in the world. In special search engines, similar to those looking for cheap flights, we can check if there are relocation offers on the route we are interested in . So we have two options. We can bend the purpose of our trip to the area where we find an offer that interests us or look for an interesting offer in the area we want to visit. Interestingly, we don't have to rush at all. For example, when transporting a vehicle from Dallas to Las Vegas, we can book up to 5 days for a trip , paying 1 dollar for each day.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that all costs will be closed in one dollar. It is worth paying attention to, for example, the issue of insurance - in some cases it is additionally payable, although it also happens that these costs will be covered by the car rental company. Rentals may also require other additional fees , so find out about details before booking.

In practice, as experienced travelers say, the daily cost of a trip, after adding all expenses, may increase from one to several dozen dollars. However, this is still not much compared to what it would cost to rent a motorhome at a standard price.


One of the companies that is famous for its favorable relocation offers is Jucy rental 

Offers usually appear about 2-3 weeks before the planned date of transport, but there are also those that can be considered "last minute". If you want to pay a dollar a night, sometimes you have to be ready to travel even overnight. Although there are exceptions - for example in Australia I found "one dollar" offers to be made only in two months. This is enough time to calmly plan the entire trip.

European relocations only in theory

Relocation portals are also trying to operate in Europe, e.g. in Great Britain, but so far the number of offers is close to zero. In the Old Continent, distances within individual countries are usually not so large, and the flow of services between individual countries is not so free that, for example, ordering a motorhome abroad and expecting it to be delivered to your country. So for now, relocation offers will remain an interesting solution for those Europeans who dream of traveling outside the continent.

You can find transfer offers, among others on this page:

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