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The caravanning boom has made motorhomes a particularly desirable commodity. Having your own motorhome is the freedom to travel and a safe form of spending free time for whole families. The only downside is that the motorhome is used several times a year, but all the time you have to cover the high costs of parking space, insurance and service. What if we could reduce these costs, and additionally make the vehicle a source of stable and reliable income? If you are thinking about something like this, the solution offered by KOKO Kamper may be of interest to you. Interesting? Read on!

Earn money on your motorhome without worries


It is safe to say that the KOKO Kamper company is a specialist in motorhomes. By investing in their own fleet, they focused on vehicles, e.g. PILOTE, a high-end brand. They analyzed all rental business models operating on the market and proposed favorable rental conditions from the very beginning.

Currently, it is also investing in infrastructure with service facilities and already cooperates with several well-known motorhome manufacturers. They also intend to add category C motorhomes to the fleet. And probably most companies would end there, but the KOKO Kamper company came out with an innovative offer for people interested in buying or already having their own motorhome. An offer where you can earn good money.


We asked Jakub Kocjan , co-owner of KOKO Kamper, to introduce us to the business model for current and future motorhome owners.

Jakub, what is your new business concept for Koko Kamper Flota?

Analyzing the motorhome market, we came to the conclusion that there is a serious gap in it, which often blocks customers from buying a motorhome. It turns out that owning a motorhome is expensive. After all, it cannot be kept in a block of flats, and year-round parking fees reach exorbitant amounts. There are, of course, other fixed costs that cannot be avoided, such as inspection or insurance. In comparison with the fact that the motorhome is driving - let it be 30 days a year, and the remaining 11 months is standing, the investment becomes debatable. But we found a way to do it, i.e. we propose that motorhome owners rent them to us, in other words, that they put them into the Koko Kamper Fleet on very favorable terms. Our offer of cooperation is addressed to people who want to buy a motorhome (with which we help), as well as to those who already have a motorhome. So in short - EARN money on a motorhome.

How does it look in practice?

If you want to buy a motorhome and make money on it, you come to us, talk about your expectations. We help with the purchase - the process of choosing a motorhome, financing the purchase, equipment and insurance are aspects that we can go through together. Our experience in this field will certainly help to avoid mistakes and optimize costs. We also assist in collecting the motorhome and its preparation for rental. Then you sign a motorhome management contract with us for a minimum of one year. In it, we define days when the motorhome serves you exclusively. On other dates, we rent your motorhome to our rental customers.

All this time, your motorhome is parked in our safe parking lot , we prepare it for rent and take care of its technical condition. We inform the owner about the need for any repairs on an ongoing basis. Of course, we are looking for clients and all formalities related to the rental procedure are entirely our responsibility. Simply put, from the moment you sign the contract to put your car in Koko Kamper fleet, you don't have to do anything.

Sounds good. And is it worth it?

Definitely yes, because you take 80% of the rental income, and we only take 20%. And if the client himself brings the client to us, as much as 90% of the income ends up in his pocket.

In the season from April to September, your projected income for renting a motorhome can reach up to PLN 45,000 net . Given that you don't have to do anything at all to earn this money, I find the offer interesting.

What about people who do not buy a motorhome with your help, but already have their motorhomes. Can they also put them in KOKO Kamper Fleet?

Exactly, and the conditions are very similar. The only difference is that people coming to us with their own motorhome (and not a motorhome bought with our help) pay for parking. On an annual basis, it is PLN 2,300, which, given the projected net profit of approx. PLN 45,000, does not seem to be a large expense. We do not accept every brand of motorhomes, we focus on the premium ones.

Okay, what if I want to drive my RV?

Before you put the car in KOKO Kamper fleet, you declare which dates are yours. And during this time you use your own vehicle, which is practically when you feel like it. If a date is not booked, you can also use it for yourself. Of course, if you use the motorhome for most of the season, your rental income will be proportionally lower. But it still pays better than if the camper were to just stand and not earn.

I want to buy a motorhome. I'm sure you've done a thorough calculation and predicted different scenarios - can you give me an idea of the investment amount and potential return?

For our considerations, we assumed the purchase price of a new motorhome at PLN 350-450,000 gross, including additional equipment such as: air conditioning, awning with an adapter, bike holder, TV + antenna. The initial investment we recommend is a minimum of 20% of the purchase price of a motorhome for sale , depending on the model selected, it will amount to PLN 70-90,000 on average. Monthly installments are about PLN 3,500-5,500 gross over a period of 5 years. Of course, if we have a larger amount for down payment, financing may be cheaper, the amount of installments may be lower, and the repayment period may be shorter.

The cost of TPL, AC and Assistance insurance can range from PLN 11,000 to even PLN 14,000 per year. The GPS device and subscription is associated with a one-time initial fee of PLN 2,000 and an annual subscription of PLN 2,000. We strongly recommend the purchase of additional equipment such as chairs, table, storm belts or necessary kitchen equipment - it is an expense of PLN 4,000 (all the above amounts are gross). As for the potential return, it depends on many factors and the periods in which it will be intended for rent. Our experience and market observations show that it can be as much as 30% of the investment per year.

To sum up - it's worth it!

Observing the development of the market recently, it can be seen that the prices of new motorhomes are increasing by an average of 8% from year to year. It is worth noting that in 2021 the prices have already been raised 3 times, and 2022 promises to be even more interesting. This means that, unlike passenger cars, we do not experience a significant loss of motorhome value over time - depending on the brand, this loss may be 10-25% after 3 years. In addition, the results of the rental company and the positive mood in the industry suggest that this trend will last even longer. So if you have not married your vehicles, and you would like to recover some of the costs associated with their ownership, or even earn money - it is definitely worth taking a look at the website and discussing the details.

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