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If you're looking for a versatile motorhome to meet the needs of an active family, the Ilusion XMK 740 might be a good choice. Recently, touring vehicles of the Spanish brand Ilusion Caravaning have been available in Poland.

The XMK 740 model is a vehicle based on the Citroen Jumper chassis. The length of the motorhome is 7.4 m. Its height is 2.75 m and the width is 2.35 m. It is a standard 4-seater vehicle, but 5 places are available as an option.

Quality first and foremost

The design is extremely important in a motorhome. In Ilusion Caravaning, the walls, roof and floor are made of GRP materials , i.e. a mixture of plastics and composites. The use of such a material provides excellent resistance to moisture and mechanical damage. The roof, also made of GRP, is hail-resistant.


The Ilusion Caravaning brand clearly focuses on the quality of workmanship. In the Ilusion XMK 740 model it can be seen even in the interior. A special material called KRION , created by Porcelanosa, was used to make countertops in the kitchen, bathroom and dining area. It has the structure of natural stone, although it is much lighter than it.

The unique furniture assembly system greatly contributes to a smooth ride, without the sounds of creaking cabinets. Dometic double-glazed windows are equipped with blinds and mosquito nets. The driver's cabin has a blackout curtain.

Original control panel

The equipment of the Ilusion XMK 740 model deserves a special attention touch control panel. The display, made of tempered glass , looks like a black pane when turned off, only touching it reveals all the available functions.

We can check the state of charge of the batteries (both on-board and engine), the level of clean and "gray" water, as well as switching on the lighting, water pump, and even find out if the 230V power supply is connected and whether our batteries are being charged at the moment .

Depending on the model, the XMK series comes standard with 230V and 12V sockets in the kitchen and a 5V USB connector at the table (e.g. for charging a phone or tablet).

Space for the whole family

Ilusion XMK 740 is also a fairly large, spacious living room. The bedroom is separated from the living area by a sliding door , which gives you the freedom to use the motorhome in case other users need a rest.


The sleeping area consists of two large, separate beds that can be converted into a larger one. It is also possible to add a folding bed for larger families.

The bathroom has a separate shower and wash basin. The kitchen is designed in the shape of the letter "L" and equipped with an additional worktop, which works well when preparing dishes. It includes a sink, stove and a 150-liter fridge . The dining room with quite wide benches and a table is also comfortable.

Drawers and cabinets have "soft" closing. The manufacturer also thought about a shoe cabinet. The basic version of Ilusion XMK 740 offers bright, elegant colors. Another advantage is the large garage accessible from two sides.

Economical engine and stable chassis

All vehicles are available with 2,000 cm2 engines , in two power variants - 130 HP and 160 HP. Of course, they meet the stringent EURO 6 exhaust emission standard. The tests carried out on the vehicles show that the 130 HP drive works well and is more than enough for the bodywork even over 7 meters. Ilusion XMK 740 with 160 HP engine will probably be chosen by people who want dynamic driving or the ability to tow a trailer.

Every motorhome user knows how important the stability of a touring car is. It is worth noting that the chassis on which the Ilusion XMK 740 is produced was equipped with a double spring , as well as a widened rear wheelbase . In practice, this translates into more stable driving and greater safety.

In addition, the car is equipped with standard equipment, incl. manual air conditioning, cruise control and speed limiter, ABS + ASR and heated rear view mirrors.

You can choose the color

Ilusion XMK 740 can be equipped with manual or automatic air conditioning, steel or aluminum rims, or, for example, a factory radio set with speakers and steering wheel control.


The list of camping equipment is even more extensive. Here we can choose the color of the upholstery, furniture and fronts as well as the type of heating: gas (Truma) or diesel (Webasto) . Each vehicle can also be ordered in the so-called "winter", ie with an additionally insulated and heated "gray" water tank.

In addition, we can also choose to install an adjustable rear bed, or choose a version with an electric lowered bed .

You have to wait a while

The price of the basic version is 44,100 euros . In Poland, the vehicle can be ordered from Camper Planet from Bielsko-Biała.

As the distributor explained to us, the waiting time for a car depends on several factors. One of them is the undercarriage equipment, which takes 4 to 8 weeks to deliver. Another important factor is how long the vehicle will be ordered. Generally, the waiting time for a ready vehicle ranges from 3-5 months .

Is it worth the wait? In our opinion - yes. Ilusion XMK 740 is a vehicle that promises good value for money. Good equipment, aesthetics, and at the same time engines that allow you to "catch" a lower excise duty, are the arguments in favor of this vehicle. So if you're looking for a new mid-range motorhome at a reasonable price, the Ilusion is a vehicle you should definitely consider.

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